Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq Bale I

2011 [CHINESE]

Action / Drama / History

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rgblakey9 / 10

Warriors of the Rainbow delivers an emotionally violent story

If you are looking for an epic sized film look no further than the Asian film market. They have cornered the market on delivering huge scale movies on a regular basis like no other. Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq Bale is not only an epic film it is the most expensive film to ever come out of Taiwan. Produced by John Woo, the film was originally released in Taiwan as two films running at over 4 and a half hours, but released in a single US version at about 2 and a half hours. Can this much be trimmed from a movie a still work clearly enough to keep the film's epic story in-tact and capture audiences? Warriors of the Rainbow is based on the 20th Century history of two warring tribes that not only clashed over the land they inhabited, but also a bigger war against the Japanese as they begin to colonize the island and wipe them out. Forging an alliance with the other tribes, they took the Japanese by surprise only to have to face an unstoppable force as they are attacked by aircraft and poison gas. This is not only a truly epic film; it is one that will leave you with some sort of emotional response. Whether its sadness, anger, or just awe, you cannot walk away from this movie without it affecting you in some way. This is an extremely violent and graphic movie, but is necessary to really convey this little known time in Taiwan history. At first this film feels a bit like Apocalypto then takes a turn to something like Last of the Mohicans, but with a way more violent and deep emotional story. It's hard to believe the amount of action that is crammed into this film and still have such a powerful story. This is a well-made, well-executed film that is hard to watch at times due to the content. Besides the war violence, there is a heavy amount of gore as well as suicide and children being killed that may be hard to watch for some people.

This is easily one of the most emotionally charge epic war like movies to come out in a long time. With the amount of content that is included in this film, you can only imagine what else could have been cut out for this condensed US release. If you love Asian cinema, war films, or just great filmmaking, this is a must see film. Just be warned as mentioned before that there are some pretty heavy visuals.


Reviewed by fishbelly20029 / 10

do background research before going

First of all it is better to watch the film in full 4.5 hr instead of watching as 2 parts, which is what I did in film fest.

Secondly, you have to know a little of history and tradition of Taiwan and roles of aboriginals to truly have a feeling for the movie. Just Wiki "Wushe Incident", and "Taiwanese Aboriginal" and that makes things much better as you watch.

Anyway back to the film, the selling point seems to be all the killing, the action, the big budget. However after watching it I've found out it's more about the value of "death" that the film tries to bring to us, and death weights in front of abstract values such as "tradition", "dignity", etc.

It's really an entertaining film for sure and throughout the 4.5 hrs time just flies, and you have to adjust yourself to have that desire to discover more about aboriginals believes and ways of living, much like watching documentary films mentality.

I can't stop comparing this "Civilization vs. Barbarian" plot to what is happening in middle east right now. In such sense history is repeating, and the film is definitely pointing out how pointless the loss of lives is (depends on which stand you are taking though).

Overall this is one of the best and most enjoyable films in recent years. The director is trying to lead us to think critically towards topics on death, values, tradition and how these would change when worlds collide.

Reviewed by asia_extreme7 / 10

Don't take from Headhunters

One of Taiwan's biggest ever films today, probably the most expensive ever made and looks set to be the highest earning to date. The story of Seediq Bale, based on the Wushe Incident is split into two segments, the first being entitled The Sun Flag (tai-yang qi) and the second, The Rainbow Bridge (cai-hong qiao). Seediq Bale is the best looking Taiwanese production to date, it seems on par with the majority of action films coming straight out of Hollywood. The battle scenes are impressive, they're fast paced with a lot of of excitement and thrills, there's explosions, blood splatters and much like you'd expect from headhunters, there's a few heads rolling.

Story: The story moves quickly despite the movie being close to 2 and a half hours long. There is a small bit of background and lead up to the Japanese arriving but not a great deal. When the Japanese arrive it also doesn't seem that much happens in the story, it doesn't give you complex characters or anything you must grasp or understand. It's a simple story but flows well and entertains.

Characters: Character building and general development is a problem in this movie, although it is entertaining with no boredom from start to finish it doesn't have much depth to it. You must take the characters on face value as you don't really get a sense of who they are. There is one character who can be classed as the lead but you even don't get to know who he is. Throughout the movie you're introduced to numerous characters, both on the aboriginal side and the Japanese side, yet you don't get to know more than the basics of who they are.

Directing: Te-Sheng Wei has previous had a bit hit in Taiwan with Cape No.7 which guaranteed him the funding for this movie. But still his style is not flawless, at times he comes across as still being an amateur with some very strange shots and some even more bizarre cuts. More than one scene had him building up, suspense and emotion was all there and then he suddenly cuts to something completely different. It kills the feeling but also provides a kind of shock.

Also its probably worth having a little background on headhunting traditions before watching this film, without understanding about their culture at times you might just find yourself rooting for the Japanese side.

Overall: I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, sure it could've been better but at the same time it could've been a lot worse. It's receiving a lot of praise in Taiwan with this movie smashing records and the follow up looking set to break even more. One things for sure, I'll be booking my tickets for the second instalment.

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