The Young Offenders


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Ruskington7 / 10

This is Ireland

Why can't there be more films like this? The Young Offenders has everything I would look for in a breakout piece: a unique storyline, a brilliant cast of unknown actors, a beautiful setting and effortlessly hilarious writing. There are definite elements of Guy Richie and Shane Meadows in this production and anyone who is tired of formulaic Hollywood bilge should appreciate it's originality.

Alex Murphy and Chris Walley lead the way with excellent debut performances. They can be a tad wooden at times, but this is overridden by their natural comic timing and ability to produce genuinely heart-warming moments. Hilary Rose bounces off them perfectly and deserves to go on to bigger and better things on the back of this.

The finale is possibly a bit overcooked but that would be my only real criticism of this film. One of the better low-profile movies I have seen in recent years, highly recommended.

Reviewed by t-dooley-69-3869169 / 10

Thoroughly Enjoyable Irish Road Trip Comedy

Conor and Jock are best mates living in the rougher end of Cork; they dress alike, act alike and do everything together, much to the distress of Conors's mum who had him at sixteen which is a bit late in life according to the area where they live. Then a ship capsizes off the coast of Ireland and bales of cocaine worth over 440 million Euros are washing up all along the coast.

Jock decided they have to grab one of these bales and save themselves from the crushing mundanity and poverty of where they have grown up. So they nick some bikes and head off for a massive road trip, hotly followed by a bike theft obsessed Gard.

This film is based on the real life events of 2007 with Ireland's biggest ever drugs bust, but the rest is pure invention and it has to be said border line genius. The two lads are perfect foils for each other and the dialogue is gratifyingly stupid and inventive in equal abundance.

The casting is all perfect too and it is just one of those films that make films seem like a cake walk to make. It is the sort of film that you will probably need to watch more than once simply because you will miss so much from laughing – and it is great fun to boot. The visual gas are as brilliant as the spoken ones and there are enough moments of real life humanity to make the whole thing just that bit more realistic and thereby endearing – completely recommended.

Reviewed by kosmasp6 / 10

Young, dumb and full of ... offending?

Coming of age and crime combined in this one. If you're not familiar with the accent, you will get used to it pretty quick by watching and listening. Some may need subtitles though, just a fair warning. Performances are really good, though you may not know the actors in this, which shouldn't matter anyway.

Like any at least decent drama, this has also humor, tension and a lot of other things going for it. The ending may be a bit too smooth for some (how it all gets woven into putting a cap on it),but I think it works for this movie. It's fun, it's light and the running time is more than fair, so you won't feel bored during it.

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