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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cochrandarin9 / 10

Non-Christians need to stop attacking this movie for it's message!

I'm convinced many reviewed this movie without even seeing it. IMDB should not allow people to attack a movie because of it's message. This is a Christian movie, made by Christians. WHAT WERE YOU EXPECTING?! An even better question is, why did you bother wasting your time watching a movie that you knew you were not going to agree with? I would not watch a movie glorifying atheism. So, if you're reading this, just ignore all of the whining about the message of this movie, because obviously an atheist/non-believer is going to give it a low rating. I'm an intelligent and wise adult, so I am, of course, a devout Christian. But I don't get on here and look for movies about things that I don't like or don't believe in the message and attack the movies message. I'm almost sure that's NOT what the folks that run this website want. I'm not sure really why they even allow it. But anyway....even putting the movie's Christian message aside, the movie great. The acting will not win an Oscars, but it's dramatic and uplifting and Christians will love it. Non-believers probably will not, so if you are an atheist, why bother watching something you know you're not going to agree with or like?

Reviewed by Antrah032310 / 10


This movie is powerful. It made me laugh. It made me cry hard. It made me think. And it reminded me of the grace and mercy that the Lord gives me.

Reviewed by bkoganbing3 / 10

Aunt Esther with a plan

I was actually ready to like the film except that a coda put on at the end of the film after the story was concluded. Makes it abundantly clear that War Room takes the my way or the highway view of God.

T.C. Stallings and Priscilla Shirer are at first glance a happy and upwardly mobile company. He's a top salesman for a pharmaceutical firm and she sells real estate while also raising their daughter. Not obvious is the fact that the marriage is straining on his end and Shirer is at her wit's end to try and save it.

She comes under the influence of Karen Abercrombie an old church lady who is something of a sage. Her remedy is strengthen your own faith through prayer and sooner or later hubby will come around.

Stallings is even given another chance by his company after confession and restitution of all the money he's been charging as expenses on those road trips for sales. That was a bit much.

Abercrombie comes across like Aunt Esther with a purpose. The coda I mention refers to her prayer voicing over some newsreel type film asking God to raise up a nation of believers in every walk of life who will impose fundamentalist values on this country whether we like it or not. If nonbelievers aren't welcome it's our way or else. Not a message to warm my soul I can tell you.

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