The Dawn Wall


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Reviewed by fmwongmd6 / 10


This is a prequel for Alex Honnold free solo. It clearly gives you an order of magnitude to the latter's feat!

Reviewed by AudioFileZ9 / 10

Well Told Affirming Against The Odds Story That Is Uplifting In Important Ways

The Dawn Wall ticks a fair number of boxes for those who like feats of human accomplishment and endurance. It's primarily the story of a slight and scrawny kid with some early developmental issues rising up to be a superstar in the world of shear face mountain climbing.. It has a few early year setbacks of which one in particular included a life or death decision one hopes they'll never have to face if they live to be a hundred. This is a compelling story as well as an unlikely love story. It is special and the film gets the absolute uniqueness of it where it really speaks to the viewer. It isn't all victories by the way. Life usually never is only peaks and this is true here too. This film makes it clear that adversity fuels so much along a person's life's journey. Adversity can crush, even kill but, adversity can also propel and define survival and even ultimately success beyond the norm. This is one such story that deserves to be told. And the film does so without failing to entertain as well as astound. A final thought is what this story says about loyalty and selflessness...we may only be able to watch the feat of Tommy Caldwell climbing El Capitan, but all have the capacity to be better caring fellow humans on the big rock called Earth.

Reviewed by FrenchEddieFelson8 / 10


Superb demonstration of obstinacy, perseverance, self-denial and ... talent. Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson are awesome! Skill level: 10/10. Endurance: 10/10. After such a documentary, you feel almost derisory or tiny. And then, it's a boost!

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