Vir Das: Losing It


Action / Comedy

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh95%
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stand-up comedy

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by backup-503621 / 10

Lots of female pandering and political pandering and other cringe

Not gonna lie, I like the guy. Never saw him, never seen a fun, charming Indian before, all I see is them asking women for "bobs and vegana" online.

Well that thirst seems to translate in pandering for this guy. I really think he can be fun, but most of his "jokes" (technically just statements) didn't even try to be funny.

If it wasn't for the gross pandering I'd easily drop a 7 score purely because he **seems** like he could become a good comedian. But with all this cringe I had to hear halfway through this special I don't feel bad brushing this off, though I feel bad for wasting 50 precious minutes of my spare time.

Reviewed by i_odin8 / 10

Hard hitting but Mildly Funny

Though to be honest I am not a big fan of Vir Das but this was exceptionally good. I don't know whether Indians are smarter or not but Das is definitely a smart writer. I enjoyed the writing very much. Certain punches were really hard hitting. Though I won't say it an upright funny piece but it had me engaged to it. I was continuously smiling with some occasional laughs. He is definitely one of the tent-poles of Indian stand up comedy. And this piece definitely enlightens me and encourages me to watch more of his works.

Reviewed by whoareyou-251201 / 10

Worst comedy ever!

Should not call himeselfna comedian. He is a propogandist pushing for communal discord and violence. Shameful guy. Paid puppet of politicians. Worse- HE'S NOT EVEN FUNNY!

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