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Mark Ruffalo as Ted Stewart
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Mike Myers as John Witney
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Christina Applegate as Christine Montgomery
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Kelly Preston as Sherry
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Reviewed by statuskuo7 / 10

A Total Sucker For Feel Good Movies

On a very slow night, I watched this flick and was generally surprised at the physical comedy Gwen was willing to put herself through. I really enjoyed this film. For it's ridiculous nature. It's fable quality, and real nice (yet mostly overused) concept of home is where love is. And it reminded me that the journey with someone is better than the journey alone. Everyone needs a co-pilot and it's a sweet message (albeit sometimes outdated). I feel. a movie like this is genuine, and returns back to a time where we may not have been so cynical. If that's their angle, I would's not a bad thing to be sweet.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle6 / 10

Uneven comedy but has its fun moments

Donna Jensen (Gwyneth Paltrow) is a trailer park girl from Silver Springs, Nevada. She follows the example of famous flight attendant Sally Weston (Candice Bergen) and gets a job. Her first flight with Sherry (Kelly Preston) is quite eventful as she has never flew. After awhile, she even got her own trainee Christine Montgomery (Christina Applegate). After seeing flight attendants from better airlines, she convinces both Christine and Sherry to apply to Royalty Airlines. They encounter trainer John Witney (Mike Myers) with a wonky eye. After getting the job, Donna is shocked to get only a commuter line to Cleveland while clueless Christine gets the prime route to Paris. Also there is the boyfriend Ted Stewart (Mark Ruffalo).

It's a clunky uneven comedy. Sometimes it works. It just has a tough time maintaining one specific tone. Is it wild and wacky? Or is it more subtle? Gwyneth Paltrow isn't a natural in over the top humor. It's not the worst idea to have a female led wild comedy. I wish the movie kept to either that or a rom-com or something less outlandish or more heartwarming drama. There are some fun moments but there needs to be more of them.

Reviewed by edwagreen9 / 10

View from Top-Successful Career Isn't the Only Thing ***1/2

The idea that a young girl from a dysfunctional Nevada home attains success and happiness in her role as a stewardess, despite being betrayed by her alleged best friend marks this 2003 film. It's the old story that love counts as well.

Gwyneth Paltrow is perfectly cast as that girl. Success comes her way, but in the process she gives up boyfriend, Mark Ruffalo.

This kind of picture will always come along with the element of good advice; in this case, given by Candice Bergen who looks as charming as ever.

Happiness must include your personal life as well.

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