Top Cat

2011 [SPANISH]

Action / Animation / Comedy / Family

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Danny Trejo as Griswald
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Rob Schneider as Lou Strickland
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Fred Tatasciore as Robot / Gorilla
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Ben Diskin as Spook
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rorymacveigh1 / 10

Another way to kill one's childhood

For those who think this pays homage to an icon of the American Childhood, think again, this doesn't pay homage to it, it practically destroys its very memory. The Voice acting is a joke, the animation has gone from classical drawn animations with smooth movements to something that could have been done by a 1st year art student, the 3d backgrounds are dark and grainy, the characters have been cut down from their original dignified selves into God only knows what and there's this idiotic running gag about how the bad guy constantly talks about how handsome he is even though he's as ugly as sin. But unlike most running gags where it comes up only every other time, say three or four times throughout the whole film, this one brings it up all the time, I'd say I counted it being brought up about 15 to 20 times in one half our section, talk about wearing it thin. Care Bears in Wonderland did a better job with Grumpy Bear's desire for food!

Basically folks, steer clear of this mess if you want your childhood memories to stay perfectly intact and/or if you want your children's sanity intact.

Reviewed by mp3sattack10 / 10

We love Don Gato!

Today we got the chance to assist to the premiere in Mexico and i can say it was lots of fun for all the family, from the lovely Benny (Benito) and the personality of each one of the cats, to Top Cat (Don Gato) as the smart leader of the gang, a great classic coming back to life respecting our memories for this show including the original voice of EL Tata as Benny (Benito) and Choo Choo (Cucho). i won't spoil anything but you'll see some of the extra characters of the original series and that will make your mind go back in time. A great movie for adults and kids, don't miss this one 'cause i'm sure you'll love Don Gato too.

Reviewed by neil-4766 / 10

No fun for adults, and not much for kids either

As a kid I loved the Hanna Barbera TV 'toons, and the limited animation didn't bother me until later. Top Cat (puzzlingly sometimes known as "Boss Cat" in the UK, despite the theme song clearly calling it "Top Cat") was never a favourite, although I definitely saw my share of it. So I went along to see this movie more out of nostalgia than anything else.

The plot could have come out of any episode of the series, albeit here it is dragged out to feature length. It features a new character who turns out to be a police chief who intends to a) sideline Officer Dibble and b) frame Top Cat, apparently doing this so that he can install equipment to spy on everyone, everywhere. This is not an adult plot, and should not be judged as such. Unfortunately, while it may be a juvenile plot, it doesn't include much to entertain kids.

This film definitely doesn't hold much to interest an adult viewer. There is the initial nostalgia thing - the characters are all on model and the voices are reasonable approximations of the original - and the animation, while hardly ground breaking, is an improvement on the TV series. The 3D is OK.

But otherwise, this film has little to recommend it. The villain is irritating - there is a running "joke" about how handsome he thinks he is when he's clearly hideous and the story doesn't sustain a feature film.

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