Viaggi di nozze

1995 [ITALIAN]

Action / Comedy

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Claudia Gerini as Jessica
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Il_Koreano5 / 10

The other Carlo Verdone I know is an other person!

The other Carlo Verdone I know is an other person! In this movie he want copy the old comedy "Un sacco bello" and "Bianco, Rosso e Verdone", directed by him. But in this movie Verdone is very bad! It's the same story of the two other movie: three men (playing by Verdone) married three women and they make a travel. The problem of Verdone is this: he's more repetitive, the character is the same of "Un sacco bello" (1) and "Bianco, Rosso e Verdone" (2),and they have the same problem: Raniero have the problem of Furio (2),Giovannino have the problem of Leo (1) and Mimmo (2),Ivano have the same problem of Enzo (1).

Vote for the actor/actress: 6 (Claudia Gerini is perfect in this character) Vote for director: 5 (is a classic film, not particular) Vote for writer: 4 (Carlo, is the same thing of 1 and 2!!!) Final Vote: 5 (Sorry Carlo, see you!)

Reviewed by nablaquadro9 / 10

Three stories of ordinary insanity

Viaggi di nozze (Honeymoons) marks the return of Carlo Verdone to his scheme of multiple characters, started making cabaret in late 70s, consecrated in Bianco Rosso e Verdone in 1981 and lately interrupted for single roles, good and entertaining however.

Three episodes about three couples living three disastrous honeymoons. In the first, two young, gross sex-addicted (Verdone+Gerini) realize to have nothing in common besides the hundreds different ways they made love. In the second one, Verdone and Mascoli are two 30-years old oppressed by their relatives. In the third, a weak woman is forced to marry an heartless, obnoxious, zealous physician.

I can't say which episode deserves the more praise. Verdone manages this triple role with honor but we can't forget the supporting actresses: Veronica Pivetti is adorable as frustrated bride; Claudia Gerini is talented and sexy, and her "lo fàmo strano?" (let's make it weird!?) belongs now to cinema annals. Cinzia Mascoli too is good for the role of average woman and is the more credible as Verdone's bride.

Uncountable the funniest scenes: on the gondola in Venice, at the post office, at the cemetery, at Valeriana sister's. The measure this movie it's funny it's directly proportional to the measure it hurts thinking to live even a single episode of Viaggi di Nozze in reality. Good response from the public, Verdone has never been abandoned by his public; anyway besides the recent charming Il Mio Miglior Nemico and this one I really started wondering about renewing trust for him.

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