Valley of the Zombies


Action / Drama / Horror / Mystery

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Reviewed by tl126 / 10

30's & 40's B Horror Films

OK, I admit it. I love 30's and 40's B horror films. They generally have great atmosphere and wonderful characters. Are both the atmosphere and the characters over-the-top? Yeah, most of the time, but that is part of the charm. You don't watch these movies looking for great cinema. You watch them for the perpetually foggy streets. What city or what country makes no difference, 9 times out of 10 there will be fog. You watch them for the crazed characters. You watch them for the dripping-with-venom dialog. You also have the wonderful look that black and white creates. Things are stark and heavily shadowed.

You watch these films simply because you love the time and the genre. Not for great writing and most times not for great performances. You either love these period B films or not. Had I lived during the era you would have never gotten me out of the theater.

Reviewed by Space_Mafune5 / 10

Not a zombie in sight

If you approach this looking for zombies, especially an whole valley full of 'em, you'll be sadly disappointed yet I can't help it...I like this short little movie just the same. Maybe it's the wonderful atmosphere this film has what with mysterious going ons in the night, graveyards and tombs figuring into the plot. Or maybe it's the old fashioned villain who truly looks like a fiendish fellow...Ian Keith as the thought to be dead Ormond Murks, who now needs the blood of the living to stay alive.

And while there may be a number of outdated stereotypes (by today's standards) at work here especially in terms of the frantic female Nurse Susan Drake who is easily spooked and frightened leaning upon the always steady and sure male Dr. Terrance Evans..still there's a certain innocence to this style of Horror which makes it fun...kind of hard to explain really. It's only being an hour long doesn't hurt either.

Reviewed by mark.waltz5 / 10

When he needs blood, he MUST have it!

He is Ian Keith, joining the ranks of more oscure horror actors like George Zucco, Lionel Atwill, John Abbott, Glenn Strange and Tod Slaughter, all memorable but not in the same class as karlov, Lugosi, Price, Cushing or Lee. When threatened with exposure by his own brother (Earle Hodgins),Keith isn't shy of resorting to murder so he can get his supply of plasma, and that leads doctor Robert Livingston and nurse Lorna Gray to trying to find who is strangling then embalming people surrounding them. Zombie, vampire or some other kind of living dead? That's the mystery for this Z-grade Republic thriller, unique with its story, and presented with flare in its mixture of horror and light comedy.

"Remind me not to open my refrigerator when I get home" nurse Gray exclaims after finding one of the victims in the lab refrigerator. She's later petrified by the sudden presence of a cow while her and Livingston are searching for clues involving the murder out in the country. Dial there really isn't a plot involving zombies in this, fortunately that means that there aren't any stereotypical black characters playing zombies either, prevalent in the other 30's and 40's zombie movies. That makes this more of a mystery thriller with elements of horror, and it's a possible time filler that won't tax the brain but won't leave the viewer unentertained either.

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