United We Fall



Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten11%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled45%
IMDb Rating4.110178

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Jack Donnelly as Olly Hunter
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Freya Parker as Shiv Fallis
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Amy Beth Hayes as Beth Amoako
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by donna-roe8 / 10

Fun and Irreverent!

Being an American woman I never got into Football (Soccer),so I watched this only because of Jack Donnelly. To my surprise I found this to be totally enjoyable, despite the scathing reviews! Maybe the reviewers didn't realize that this was totally unscripted and improvised. I also enjoyed learning more about football and Googled a lot of the terms they referred to. All of the characters are wonderfully flawed and not the sharpest knives in the drawer, but, somehow, likeable in their own way. To my pleasure Mr. Donnelly did not disappoint! Olly Hunter (OH) his vain, hedonistic, crude, self-centered, womanizing (not to mention, sort of adorable),football icon was 180 degrees apposite of his portrayal of Jason in Atlantis. His improvisational talents (as seen in "Chuckle Dusters"),proves his versatility. This is really not a review of Jack Donnelly - well, maybe just a little bit - but watch and enjoy just to prove that critics are just paid to criticize!

Reviewed by parfster20102 / 10

Really Bad

In the days where Mockumentaries have developed so much this looks so badly put together and badly written. After it had done the 3 main jokes about top end footballers it was just repeat repeat of the same things. Also if you are going to reference real teams and real years at least get the teams that won the trophies right - the clip of the Man City fans with "Champions 2012" t-shirts on look a bit strange in 2010 ??

Reviewed by teebear8171 / 10


It is an absolute disgrace that just drivel made it to the National Airwaves...do the networks have zero standards? How did this get through the checks and balances? This is one of the worst TV series I have ever seen in my life. From instant it came on, within seconds I knew it was going to be horrible. An outrageous and obnoxious overly loud laugh track which seems to go off in 5 Second intervals nonstop. I mean, it goes off after EVERY SINGLE comment!! So annoying is so irritating that it made watching it virtually impossible ..the jokes were pitiful and just awful, the writing was abysmal the acting was bad. The casting was poor...this show is by all standards a disgrace even my wife who loves everything turned it off after 5 minute...e en she said it was terrible.

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