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Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Jim Hawkins
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Martin Short as B.E.N.
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Reviewed by r96sk10 / 10

I love every single detail about this film

Unequivocally, unmistakably, undeniably Disney's greatest animated film. A masterpiece, as far as I'm concerned. Long read ahead!

Film and reviews are all about opinions, which is only a positive thing. I, for one, though have yet to find a better animation than this. No doubt I'm probably partly clouded by nostalgia, but even a tonne of years later I still remember how blown away I was when I first watched it. Nothing's changed.

Where to start? I love every single detail about this film, for which there are many. Not only does it improve upon the studio's earlier 1950 production about Robert Louis Stevenson's 1883 novel, but it manages to create an incredibly touching, amusing and rather thrilling story for all. They don't rely on the usual, overdone Disney front and center romance to do it either.

It's a story of a young kid coming-of-age into the world. You really go on a journey with Jim Hawkins, who hadn't had the most happiest childhood. We see him grow into a man across just 95 short minutes. Joseph Gordon-Levitt brings Jim to life superbly, no surprise to see he has done other great things in his career.

Gordon-Levitt isn't the only outstanding performer here, with Brian Murray and Emma Thompson showing their talents in the roles of John Silver and Capt. Amelia. I adore the dynamic between Silver and Hawkins, Murray is truly brilliant. Thompson is great in her role, also.

Even below those aforementioned names, you have memorable characters in Delbert (David Hyde Pierce),B.E.N. (Martin Short) and Mr. Arrow (Roscoe Lee Browne). Morph (Dane Davis) is a cracking little sidekick, too.

Away from the cast, you also have the sensational animation. They mix hand-drawn 2D and computer generated 3D, which comes out exquisitely. Sure some of it hasn't aged impeccably compared to now, but it all to this day still looks utterly stunning. I love the attention to detail.

That's not all. How about that music? I couldn't tell you the amount of times I've listened to that soundtrack down the years, it's so beautifully crafted by James Newton Howard and John Rzeznik; the latter's, as part of the Goo Goo Dolls, "I'm Still Here" fits so, so well.

Can you tell how much fondness I hold for this? It's fantastic! Did Disney mishandle it? Sure. Does it deserves more respect? Definitely. However, I'm kinda glad they just let Ron Clements and John Musker do their thing. Heavy Disney interference could've ruined it. The fact this has zero pointless sequels is marvellous, even if it's for the wrong reasons.

There are minor rumours they plan to live-action this. Normally I'd argue against classics being remade, but I think this 2002 production is in a win-win position in that regard. If it's a big success it'll be good for it, if it's terrible then it'll put more eyes on the original.

It's kinda funny, I don't see myself as a Disney fan and yet my two favourites films (this + 'Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl') are from this studio - and both pirate-y, interestingly. Hmm.

Go watch 'Treasure Planet'!

Reviewed by TheMovieDoctorful10 / 10

Tragically Underrated Disney Film, One Of Their Best

Until the release of "Frozen", "Treasure Planet" may have been the most over marketed Disney film of all time upon release. Back in 2002, it was EVERYWHERE. TV Spots for it were played almost religiously, "Treasure Planet" action figures and games were constantly being advertised between commercials on pretty much every kids entertainment channel and various fast food restaurants and cereal brands included "Treasure Planet" toys with their products. So obviously under-marketing was not the movie's problem...Which baffles me as the film was a massive financial flop earning only $109.6 million on a $140 million budget. So taking that into consideration, along with the fact that Disney would follow up "Treasure Planet" with the dismal "The Jungle Book 2" and the atrocious "Home On The Range", that MUST mean the movie was awful right? WRONG. Not only is "Treasure Planet" a childhood favorite, but is hands down one of the best, most emotional, most exciting and most investing Disney movies of all time. It's the most underrated without question.

The visuals shown in the movie are unforgettable. Director Ron Clements and his production team have created a gorgeous, expansive and diverse universe; the planets, the aliens, the technology, the architecture, the weaponry. The world of "Treasure Planet" is one I was disappointed to leave by the end of its 95 minute run-time. The imagination behind the world building is "Star Wars" like in its scale.

The film is also extremely well paced. From beginning to end, there was not a single moment where I was bored, expertly balancing character scenes, action sequences and comedic moments. It's almost to the point where I'm genuinely frustrated when the film ends as I was just having so much fun. On top of that, "Treasure Planet" is a film that's not afraid to put its character's through down-right traumatizing danger. Make no mistake about it, whether characters getting torn apart in black holes or melted in volcanic, planetary destructions, "Treasure Planet" can be extremely dark in its tone.

Fortunately, "Treasure Planet" has the deep, investing characters to back up its gorgeous visuals. Jim Hawkins is extremely relatable and likable, a born rebel who just wants to make his loved ones proud of him. On the surface, his desire to find Flint's trove seems to be motivated by casual greed, but this is little more than a mask for his true motivation; to prove to his mother, his paternal figure John Silver and most importantly to himself that he can be somebody. Underneath his angsty exterior is a very emotionally vulnerable and broken person finally given a spark of hope by fate, and the movie has us consistently rooting for him to succeed. John Silver is very much a kindred spirit to Jim; he represents both the best (His compassion, determination, drive and loving nature) and worst (His anger, greed, stubbornness and impulsivity) personality traits of Hawkins, and thus works extremely well as a mentor figure. If Jim represents the youthful pursuit of one's validation and dreams, Silver represents how that passion can burn bright even into one's veteran years, strengthened by lessons learned along the way. In many ways, it is Silver's development and arc into a selfless, noble person that sparks Jim's transition into adulthood.

Long before "500 Days Of Summer" made him a star, Joseph Gordon Levitt did a phenomenal job as Jim Hawkins. The passion and sincerity that Levitt gets out of the character has to have come from a personal place, as Hawkins inner torment and plight felt as real to me as an animated character's suffering could be. The diversity of Levitt's emotional range here is staggering, from beginning to end he is giving nothing less than 500% of his effort.

As impressive as Levitt's performance is here, Brian Murray as John Silver is even better. How Murray is not consistently getting A-List work after this movie is completely beyond me. Murray can be charming, hilarious, intimidating and emotional as Silver, making the absolute most of a very complex character. The range of emotions Murray has to portray as John Silver is seemingly endless, and there isn't a single one that he doesn't nail on the head. His final scene with Jim Hawkins gets serious tears out of me to this very day.

Emma Thompson is electrifying in her portrayal of Captain Amelia, and much like Levitt and Murray, delivers serious emotional range. Effective in both the film's comedic and serious scenes, Thompson displays great comedic timing and infectious charisma as the no- nonsense Captain of the RLS Legacy, and she is clearly having an absolute blast here.

The lack of attention "Treasure Planet" gets as a Disney classic is extremely frustrating. It's not JUST an underrated film, it's not JUST a diamond in the rough, it's hands down one of the best and most mature works Disney has ever or will ever pump out. The movie has achieved somewhat of a cult status among Disney fans, but Lord knows that it deserved so much more. Definitive proof that you don't have to break box office records to make a masterpiece.

Reviewed by Company_of_Wolves7 / 10

Swashbuckling Science Fiction

Treasure Planet is the adaptation of the classic swashbuckling children's tale of Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson. R.L.S originally wrote Treasure Island chapter by chapter for his son, as a bed time story for each night. When the story was first published it was actually condemned by some! Claiming that such violent tales encouraged boys to become ner-do-well's such as the pirates it glorifies! Suffice to say, Disney's futuristic adaptation fails to capture the rebellious nature of the original Treasure Island. Fans and fanatics can gripe all they want if a scene is missing from the book, or if a character's been changed, but as long as the core meaning of the story remains, it's essence. Then adaptation has been successful. Treasure Planet does not capture the essence of the book entirely, in fact it lacks a lot of it's power due mainly to the protagonist. Jim Hawkins of Treasure Planet does not suffer as much as his archaic counterpart, therefore his character does not under go the same heroic journey and does not emerge as profoundly changed as R.L.S original did.

Aside from that, Treasure Planet makes for a fine adventure film for the whole family. There are moments of joy and pathos to be found throughout. And it is interesting to see a science fiction twist on a pirating classic.

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