Adventure of the Treasure Boys

2019 [DUTCH]

Adventure / Comedy / Family

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by coffeencake10 / 10

Fun Young Film

This was a fun film for young teens, and families. Well done, Great story. Sure to be a favorite.

Reviewed by rooster_davis4 / 10

Not gonna win any awards, but...

Okay, this is movie isn't gonna win any academy awards. But it's kinda fun. And one thing that I think makes it neat is that it was written by a man and either his two sons or grandsons, I'm not going to guess which as I'm an older dad myself and have been assumed to be my boy's grandfather, not his dad. I've learned that guessing isn't always easy. Anyhow, all three are featured in the movie, and under their real names no less.

Probably the leading part among the many youngsters in the film is Vinny Von Wolfe, and like the rest of the kids in the film, his acting is rather uneven and not great - but he has some better moments and an appealing smile that looks real. (My own son can't deliberately smile without looking like someone is giving him a wedgie.) I guess it can be said that in some of the scenes, the balance of the kids come across as real kids. Not great actors, but real kids anyhow. However there are some scenes where you can almost imagine the actors holding a script in their hands, they sound so mechanical.

One scene that I was surprised to see in a movie from 2019 has Vinny loading up a .45 Colt revolver - same kind of gun the cowboys used - with ammunition, and wearing it in a holster. I have no problem with this but I can imagine some people saying 'oh it is glorifying guns to kids'... Baloney. I'm NOT recommending that kids lug .45 Colt revolvers around though.

Kids will watch this movie and never find a fault - they won't notice the very uneven acting or even how many of the young actors can be caught stealing a quick glance at the camera in some scenes. Just be aware that there is a scene where Vinny handles a gun - in case you're one of those overprotective parents who don't want your kids to know about such things.

This is one for the kids; I'll give it an E for effort.

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