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Atsumi Meets Arashi in a slightly-above-average entry

Japan was THE place for film franchises, long before Atsumi and Yamada started their Tora-san films in 1969, or even before either of them had born. Arashi Kanjûrô started acting in films in 1917 (60 years before this film),and became most famous for the character Kurama Tengu, a swordsman whom he portrayed in a number of silent films and talkies. His jidai-geki fame is referenced multiple times throughout this film, starting of course with the opening dream sequence, a tribute to Arashi's films.

This is the 19th entry, following the highly emotional Otoko wa tsurai yo: Torajirô junjô shishû (Tora's Pure Love, 1976). This is a little more upbeat installation. I usually find the first third to be the best part of any Tora-san film, and this one doesn't fail. The people at Toraya have a dog now, and they have chosen to call it "Tora". When our protagonist returns home (once again) he is not too happy to find, that he is now sharing his name with this animal. So he journeys to the small town of Ozu, in Shikoku, and by accident, befriends an old lord (Arashi),who asks his help in as special matter.

This is your usual Tora-san, one of the lighter entries. It's not as compact as the previous film, but it has its moments. Atsumi is good as always, and so is Baisho Chieko, though Sakura doesn't get much to do in this one. If you have watched the previous 18 films, you probably have already made up your mind, about whether or not you're going to watch this one.


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