Tora-san's Dream of Spring


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Reviewed by moe_dqn8 / 10

It's verry funny.

I at the beginning did not like this movie series. But this movie changed my thought. This movie could surprise me. Because as for this movie the American has been present. So far it is not to have front example. I looked at that movie with absorption. The funniest point after all was conversation of the Japanese and the American with this movie. Also the friendship of Michael of the American who comes and the Torasan of the protagonist is impressed. Me those where thought concerning the Japanese movie was changed are this movie.

Reviewed by topitimo-829-2704598 / 10

Mr. Tiger meets his American counter-part

As we arrive to film no. 24 in the long-running "Otoko wa tsurai yo" franchise, it is getting increasingly difficult to tell the films apart. The filmmakers really assumed, that if you like one, you like all of them. But the refusal to make noticeable changes to the films also risks the franchise growing stale. Which is why this film, "Torajirô haru no yume" (Tora-san's Dream of Spring, 1979),is such nice change of pace. In this film, an American salesman Michael Jordan (Herb Edelman) arrives in Shibamata, and the Toraya gang decide to house him. He eventually falls in love with Sakura.

The film gets a lot of material to work with from the addition of an American character. Tora-san is initially depicted as very anti-american. He doesn't speak English, and thinks that Japan has had nothing but bad luck since Commodore Perry crashed their shores. The antagonism between Michael and Tora is well executed. I loved the fact that they gave Herb Edelman Tora-ish clothing, albeit the fact that the 1,96 m tall actor towers over Atsumi. As Michael is supposed to be Tora's American counterpart, the "Madame Butterfly" romance with Sakura is also fitting. Tora's own Madonna-story-line with leading lady Kagawa Kyoko is also good enough, though it gets a little sidetracked.

This is easily one of the funniest entries. Edelman gives a great performance, he completely fits the tone of Yamada's home flavored franchise. Atsumi also gets several great moments, and for once, Baisho Chieko gets to do a little more acting in the role of Sakura. All in all, a success.

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