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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mariarammstein10 / 10

Seriously Funny

With a serious undertone - every comedian being approached as "be funny for me man" while every comedian having a dark side - this is a seriously good movie. The actors, the cameos, geez, even Adam Sandler was funny.

Reviewed by nogodnomasters8 / 10


Andre Allan (Chris Rock) is a top comedian who now wants to be a serious actor. The fact is he sucks at being an actor and since he has become sober, he can't do comedy. In the days leading up to his marriage, Andre grants a long in depth interview to a NYT reporter (Rosario Dawson) who travels with him for a few days in what quickly becomes a formula film.

The film is good because it is reflective of the African-American in the modern world going from rags to riches through Hollywood. Sometimes you just can't be good at everything. The top five refers to naming the top 5 rappers, a game they play during the film. The movie has a number of star cameo appearances. It has funny scenes, although not overly original.

Guide: F-bomb, sex, nudity.

Reviewed by szopeno1 / 10

Even if it was funny in original, all humor was lost in translation

In short, it was the worst comedy I watched within last three years. Now, to be honest, I am not a native speaker (as you can easily guess reading this review),so I watched it in Polish, so it could be that indeed in original there were some funny bits. It may be also that there is, as some people say, chemistry in original. But it was all lost in the translation. It all feel fake, terribly boring, with few bits thrown it to justify calling this... thing... a comedy.

But I do not think it all can be blamed on translation. I've watched dozens of French, English, Russian, Czech and even Chinese comedies and I laughed. Here... I just kept looking at the watch to see how much it is left.

Awful. Toxic. Avoid it.

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