Tonight You're Mine


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cnycitylady6 / 10

For Lovers of Music and a Good Time.

Tonight You're Mine is nothing truly original, boy and girl meet, they dislike each other but are forced to spend time together and then they find that they do like each other, at least romantically. But the smart and witty banter isn't too over the top in a way that makes you say "people don't talk like that" and the chemistry is fantastic. The storyline is a very laid back one, the two bands are hanging out at the "T in the Park" festival and having a good time in between their performances while the leads to each are handcuffed together.

Natalia Tena is an under-used actress with so much potential. She gets really into character and pulls you in, in a way that makes you think that that is her true personality. She was lively, boisterous and sweet in this role and it fit her perfectly. I've never heard of Luke Treadaway before but his acting seemed to be on par for me, and he seemed really natural with his co-star.

I thought that actually filming the movie at and during the "T in the Park" festival was ingenious. They got so much production value out of it, real true things that you can't duplicate even with the most experienced set designer and director. Overall the movie is a real good time; you have fun watching it, wanting to go out and party afterwords. I don't have anything bad to say about this movie and I give it a 6.0 because its just a fun film, nothing too serious but not so un-serious.

Reviewed by terrellrobinson718 / 10

A rather unexpectedly sweet rock & roll gem.

Thank heavens for "Tonight You're Mine" (or its original title in the U.K.: "You Instead"),a movie that manages to exceed my expectations for a story like this. Undeniably sweet, magical and occasionally funny at times, this rock and roll gem will surprise you from start to finish. It's also the kind of movie you can watch on a rainy day and you can still have a good time. Luke Treadaway from the "Clash of the Titans" remake and "Attack the Block" stars as Adam, one-half of the American rock band "The Make". His day is not starting to go well. He's supposed to perform at the "T in the Park" music festival in Scotland. While that happens, he happens to be handcuffed, thanks to a scheming minister, with Morello (Natalia Tena, Nymphadora Tonks from the "Harry Potter" film series),the band leader for the British female rock group "The Dirty Pinks", (who also have to perform at the festival) after some bitter arguments. All of this takes place at that festival and throughout the movie, Adam and Morello has to find a way to break out of those cuffs, play their gigs, and---possibly---make a magical connection that might find themselves in love. I know you think that this is another one of those groan-inducing rom-coms, but trust me, this is much different than that. Clocking in a rather fast time of 80 minutes, "Tonight You're Mine" has a heart that pulsates with energy and a soul that rollicks with a staggering sweetness. It's hard to believe that Treadaway (with a very solid American accent) and Tena are very talented (Singing and playing guitar/keyboard) on- and off-screen. But they are and they accomplished that in spades. Their chemistry together is incredible. The music in the film is amazing. It's like listening to a mix tape that you made before, but never listened to it until now and it happens to be a very eclectic mix tape filled with many different sounds. (One of the standouts of that mix tape is Adam and Morello performing "Tainted Love" on stage.) I give director David Mackenzie (of the sexually charged "Young Adam", the Ashton Kutcher disaster "Spread", and the mind-boggling "Perfect Sense") credit for taking us inside the actual "T in the Park" festival. It must have been very difficult to shoot in the festival for 4-5 days, bringing a lot of pressure on the actors. But it feels very authentic, real and organic. What also works is that Mackenzie and screenwriter Thomas Leveritt gives the characters a lot of humanity, including Adam's model girlfriend (Ruta Gedmintas),Morello's on-again, off-again boyfriend (Alastair Mackenzie, the director's brother),Adam's other half Tyko (Mathew Baynton) and the sleazy manager (Gavin Mitchell),who nearly hits on women when he's drunk. Yes, there are no surprises. But there's nothing to be surprised about anyway, except for a couple of them. That's why "Tonight You're Mine" is really magical in many ways possible. You won't be disappointed. Give this film a go.

Reviewed by cosmo_tiger7 / 10

Very predictable. Very cheesy. Very un-original. All that said this is still very good. I recommend this. I say B+

"If musicians can't get along what hope we got?" After Morello (Tena) shakes Adam's (Treadway) car in order to make him stop playing guitar they start to fight. When a security guard drives by and sees them he decides the only way to make them get along is to handcuff them together. That sounds bad enough but they are at a music festival and are both scheduled to play and no one knows where the key is. For those that have been following my reviews you may have noticed that I am not a fan of cheesy, predictable, un-original movies. This movie is an exception to that rule. Five minutes in the two are handcuffed together and after about 6 minutes you know how it will end. That said it is still very entertaining and really fun to watch. The music is actually really good as well and the song where the sample "Tainted Love" is great. This is nothing more then a cheesy predictable love story but even so I enjoyed it and I recommend it. Overall, nothing new and won't keep you guessing but this is still very much worth seeing. I really liked it. I give it an B+.

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