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Naomi Scott as Escarlette
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Antonio Banderas as Mario Sepúlveda
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Juliette Binoche as María Segovia
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James Brolin as Jeff Hart
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Reviewed by bkoganbing8 / 10

The World Watched

Chile during the last century was not a happy place with the overthrow of Allende and the dictatorship of Pinochet. The stories didn't make that country have a good world image. But in a strange cosmic sense Chile rehabilitated itself with this story of the rescue of The 33 miners trapped half a mile below the surface.

Chile's chief exports to the world are copper and nitrates found in the Atacama desert, one of the most forbidding places on the planet. It is said by geologists that there are some spots that have never seen a drop of rain for hundreds of years. This is where the miners work and where the story takes place.

Antonio Banderas usually seen dressed to the nines in film breaks stereotype somewhat as the charismatic leader of the trapped 33 miners. You'd better have charisma if you want to keep 33 men from tearing each other apart for 16 days. The main focus of the film is the interaction of the trapped miners.

On the surface Juliet Binoche also through charisma and chutzpah becomes leader of the families. Not a woman to be trifled with or shuffled off as the government and the mine owners learn. Also to be noted is Lou Diamond Phillips as the mine foreman who tries to tell the management what a dangerous place they have to work in.

You'll like the rescue scenes as all kinds of methods are tried to reach the men. All in all The 33 is a fine bit of cinema.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca6 / 10

Workable true story retelling

THE 33 is a workable Chilean drama about the real-life disaster and rescue tale of the famous 33 miners who spent months trapped below ground after a cave-in. The recent story will be familiar to all of us who follow world news, which robs this tale of some of the suspense, but otherwise it's quite an efficient film. I don't think it will ever be a favourite, because not much actually happens after the initial disaster. A lot of time is spent on building conflict with the group, but generally everybody got on and nobody went crazy. I could have done without all of the sentiment and the family relationship material which only serves to slow things down quite considerably. Still, a decent cast has been assembled here, including Antonio Banderas, James Brolin, Bob Gunton, and Lou Diamond Phillips, so it's worth a look.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle6 / 10

good but goes on too long

Copiapó, Chile is the home of the copper and gold San José mine. There is one way in and the same way out. Don Lucho (Lou Diamond Phillips) warns the manager about the shifting mountain as mirrors placed at strategic places start cracking. The large cracks precipitate a massive cave-in and 33 miners manage to descend into the refuge. Mario Sepúlveda (Antonio Banderas) tries to be the leader of this chaotic group. They find the refuge poorly stocked, the radio unconnected, and the escape chimney ladder unfinished. The company tries to lock down everyone but some escape to spread the news. The families led by María Segovia (Juliette Binoche),sister of a miner, arrive to confront security. Minister of Mining Laurence Golborne is told by the manager that it's essentially hopeless. The President sends André Sougarret (Gabriel Byrne) to lead the rescue. There is no confirmation of the survivors until the first drill breaks through. The miners would be trapped for 69 days in an international media sensation.

It's a relatively good drama up to the first drill breakthrough. It has a little thrill and even some humor. The international cast is a little weird with some unnecessary white-washing. All of that is fine but the last thirty minutes are anti-climatic. The inevitable rescue has no drama or tension. That last quarter just keeps going and going. The few interesting bits do not add up to a compelling conclusion.

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