Three Steps Above Heaven

2010 [SPANISH]

Action / Drama / Romance

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Diego Martín as Alejandro
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SongOfFall1 / 10

Kill it with fire

Cheap and cheesy, overfilled with cliché - this movie is Nicholas Sparks bad. Sadly, such films have become popular these days.

I would put it into the same box with such masterpieces as Sparks' "A Walk to Remember", "The Last Song" and Meyer's "Twilight" series. And kill it with fire.

There's something they usually say about twilight, but it could be generalized for all of the aforementioned films - they have something in common with German porn. Whereas in German porn the storyline is a plot device to switch from one porn scene to another, in these films it's the plot device to go through cheesy romance scenes.

Federico Moccia - the author of the original novella - is another persona non grata in my library.

Reviewed by cgvsluis8 / 10

Rebellious modern Romeo and Juliet type story.

I am struggling to put down in words how I feel about this film. Did I like it? Yes, very much. Were there things about it that I didn't like? Absolutely! Do I recommend it? I am not sure...that is the crux of my review issues.

One of the best parts of this film were the two romantic leads, but particularly Mario Casas who plays the rebel H.

H, who has just left the courtroom after being given probation for assaulting a man, sees a girl lean out a car window and knows his life will never be the same again. He begins to tease this girl who he nicknames "Fea".

"Fea" is Babi, a middle class girl on her way to school where she is a good student and seemingly following the path laid out for her.

Babi and H meet again when H and a group of his reckless and rebellious friends crash a party that she is at. They steel money and get in to fights causing property damage. That night, H scares and then beats up the boy taking Babi home. Interesting note here, Babi tried to get the boy help and wouldn't leave him alone with H but when roles were reversed the boy just leaves Babi alone in an unsafe situation.

The next time Babi and H meet is at the motorcycle races...where he dares her to race in a dangerous race they refer to as a Siamese race where the girl is strapped via belt to the driver of the bike.

This ends up being the start of what seems like a youthful, rebellious, romantic, tumultuous relationship, but like the classic Romeo and Juliet romance...doomed to be fleeting.

The visuals in this film are stunning. The chemistry between our two leads is great. The motorcycle races were interesting.

One interesting note is they give an explanation for H's rebellious behavior with a familial back story but then don't really use it other than to explain his current behavior. Also, Babi after initially displaying very strong morals and sticking to her decisions...seems to get a little wishy-washy and then just completely does a 180 with no work or compromise, but maybe it is better?

I enjoyed the film for the fleeting but strong romance, the chemistry between the leads and the cinematography. I think if you are a teenager you will love this. I also think you might like it if you are a romantic and/or like Mario Casas.

Reviewed by jack_o_hasanov_imdb5 / 10


I watched this movie when I was in love, when I was romantic, when I was suffering from love pain. For this reason, my score is a little high, but I mean, it's not that good of a movie.

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