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Reviewed by gothicemokid5 / 10

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Sex scene/nudity: None Profanity: One "oh g-d" (mentioned in vain) One or two "oh my g-d) (mentioned in vain) Drug/alcohol usage: None Scary/intense scenes: No scary scenes. Intense/sad scene when a woman is dying of cancer. An abortion is mentioned, nothing shown.

Reviewed by MrJackParker1 / 10

I wanted to love this.

Unfortunately, I have to be harsh in my review because, in this movie, it matters big time.

I don't care about budget, effects, acting, music or any of the usual things when it comes to a "Christian" film. What matters more than anything else is the doctrine/message that they're putting out and this one is so far off base that it leads people who THINK they're going to heaven to believe they'll be there no matter what because "God sees their heart" and that the way they live doesn't matter. Read Matthew 7:21-23 to find out just how wrong that is. That's written about exactly these kind of "Christians."

It's a very dangerous thing to assure someone they're going to heaven when you're not using the scriptures (in whole and in context) to do it.

This movie "religious," which is man's version of religion. It's not biblical Christianity. There's a huge difference. Big enough to affect your entire, never-ending eternity.

Reviewed by tsroque7 / 10

Just What I Needed to Hear

I REALLY wish Christian films would STOP putting their actors in wigs, and put more thought in the storyboard flow, BUUUT this movie had me in tears several times. I took a friend w/ me to see this movie and he fell asleep. Christian films don't have to be "corny." I beg of you...PLEASE put more effort in the production and a script that flows smoothly from scene to scene. Other than that, movie was predictable as as most Christian films but they also always come with a great message. For THAT, I would recommend this corny flick!

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