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Louis Koo as Chief inspector Ken
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Reviewed by kamalbeeee7 / 10

Good thriller..!!

A prisoner is admitted in a hospital and then he plans to escape but one of the police man make fails his plan and one of the lady doctor help with him by mercy and she too get into a problem.. Good thriller but poorly executed.. Must watch thriller..!!

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca4 / 10


THREE is another disappointment from Hong Kong director Johnnie To, an example of style over substance that offers a new kind of story but in a way which is implausible to most viewers. The setting is a hospital, but if you're hoping for a HARD-BOILED style action flick you'll be disappointed; there's only one shoot-out right at the climax and even that's mishandled, although admittedly shot in a novel format. For the most part this is a twisty-turny enterprise charting mixing sub-plots between a handful of lead characters: Lam Suit's cop on the hunt for a traitor; Louis Koo's handling of an injured patient and criminal; Zhao Wei's doctor and her Hippocratic oath. I'm a big fan of Wei and Koo in particular but they're underutilised here as the story feels dragged out and regrettable. The ending, which should have been exciting, becomes reliant on awful CGI with that high-rise stunt in particular looking ridiculously poor.

Reviewed by csfarmer8 / 10

A doctor, a cop, and a criminal interact with each other.

Do you like your criminals intelligent? With a penchant for quoting Bertrand Russell and Hippocrates, a well-dressed jewelry thief is shot in the head and taken to hospital where he toys with a surgeon's feelings and plays with a cop's heart in this intricate thriller directed by filmmaker Johnnie To.

Don't be put off by the title. This thriller is strictly drama and exposition heavy. The "Three" in this case is the interplay between the surgeon, cop, and criminal, taking risks to get what they want out of themselves as well as life.

Even though it starts out tame and procedural, this film gives us an insight into each person's motivations and interactions on doing the "right thing." By the film's end you're left with some semblance of hope and humanity until the credits roll. Despite some tired clichés, you're also given another sub-set of three patients (which includes the criminal himself) with various problems that seek resolution. Some of it is funny, some a bit poignant, and even a climatic moment that will undoubtedly take your breath away when it comes to a fight inside the hospital itself by the criminal's henchmen.

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