This Earth of Mankind


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by iprtiwi2 / 10

Bad director, bad actor

Tried to understand and enjoy the film, but overall of the film was unpleasant. Watch it for 3 hours and it didn't worth the time. The acting of all actors (except Ine who played as Nyai) was terrible, especially Iqbal who played as Minke. The direction of every scene was really bad, the film fail to make audience feel the message of the writer. Change from one scene to another was not really smooth. There was a censored scene with a bad direction and make the audience will terrible.

Reviewed by Herlinda_Marlina6 / 10

Tried hard but still seemed confused

When I heard Hanung Bramantyo adapting Pramoedya Ananta Toer's classic literary work "Bumi Manusia", I was curious, before watching the film I took the time to read his book in preparation. The film trailer also looks promising. But after watching this film for the duration of the film 3 hours I think director of this movie still confuse to cut scenes from scenes in the book so it feels rough, Robert Mellema miscast and using contact lense doesn't look good either, the supporting cast of Westerners looks stiff. Some dialogue feels forced. For the details of the colonial era atmosphere such as steamship, steam train, I admit it is quite match for what i imagine from the book to tell the atmosphere of Indonesia at the end of the 19th century, although it still miss some details of fashion and hairstyles. The cast of Maiko, although its appearance was only briefly managed to steal the attention. The strength of this film's acting relies on the two main actors Minke (Iqbal) and Nyai Ontosoroh (Ina Febriyanti) who are also unable to save the quality of this film whose plot is loose here and there. Unfortunately. Hanung Bramantyo set main focus on the romantic drama scene and forget about the other values that wanted to be conveyed in "Bumi Manusia" to make it the most "Down-to-earth" novel that almost brought Pramoedya Ananta Toer to a noble prize.

Reviewed by DaniellaM944 / 10

Weird Choices

I know a little about Indonesian culture, less than Indonesian themselves. I read "This Earth of Mankind" two years ago, although the Italian version also available in my library, I picked up the English-translated version. It was one of the best novel I have ever read, I finished the series (4 books) less than a month.

"This Earth of Mankind" by Pramoedya Ananta Toer has many layers that people, especially Indonesian can learn from. It teaches us about human rights, how dark history needs to be put into a conversation, cope with injustices, etc. Yet the movie itself, mainly focused on romance.

I watched the movie twice, in hope that I got it wrong, but I was wrong then. The movie only focused mainly on Minke and Annelies. Mrs. Ontosoroh's performance was really stunning and made me speechless, yet it seemed she's not the main character in the movie. Other casts are somewhat great though.

I have no idea why people behind this decided to do what they've done, is it because in Indonesia, great movies are always has this romantic elements? I get that, of course, Italian movies also known as "romantic" although we slowly shifted to other genres like politics. But come on Indonesia, this is a masterpiece! In so many things you can choose to highlight, why picked the romance?

I watched it with my friends, mostly Indonesian, they haven't read the books, and unfortunately they hard to grasp the meaning of the story.

I wish this movie could be better, at least 50% as good as the book itself.

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