The Wrong Trousers


Action / Animation / Comedy / Crime / Family / Mystery / Sci-Fi

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Reviewed by lee_eisenberg10 / 10

a modern classic

In my opinion, Wallace & Gromit are to modern animation what Bugs Bunny was to classic cartoons: they truly set the standards. Following "Creature Comforts", Nick Park made "The Wrong Trousers". W&G take in a penguin as a boarder, and the little guy soon becomes Wallace's favorite. Gromit decides to leave, but then it turns out that this is no ordinary penguin.

I think that my favorite scene was Wallace "walking" around in the trousers; they must have had fun filming that scene. Watching these cartoons, one can see that "Chicken Run" was coming eventually. All in all, this is a cartoon that you can't afford to miss. Perfect.

Reviewed by llltdesq10 / 10

The short that proves one shouldn't let one's spare room to unfamiliar penguins without excellent references!

This marvelous short won the Academy Award and is the best of the series, though all so far have been delightful! The praise heaped on Wallace and Gromit has been vast and well-deserved, so my additions are gilding the lily, but I'll still say something. The Wrong Trousers is funny, sad, insightful and just plain mad, frequently all at once. If there's any justice, they will remain in print in perpetuity. Most recommended.

Reviewed by MartinHafer10 / 10

Who couldn't love Wallace & Gromit?!

This is the second Wallace & Gromit film and unlike the last one, which was only nominated for the Best Animated Short Oscar, this one was this prestigious award. While it is pretty much more of the same type entertainment from the first, it is a bit more polished and fun--plus it's still Wallace & Gromit and who couldn't like this?! Wallace, ever the tinkerer, builds Gromit a strange robotic device. It looks like the lower half of a person (hence 'trousers') and was designed to take Grmoit "walkies" whenever he wanted. Around this same time, a strange penguin comes to board with them. Little did they suspect that the penguin is evil and will ultimately use Gromit's new trousers for evil! The film, like all Wallace & Gromit films has a lovely and gentle sense of humor and a certain likability that captivates people who watch it. Top animation, voice acting and direction make this a big winner.

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