Die Die Delta Pi


Action / Comedy / Horror

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by HerrSupahz1 / 10


Awful, charmless, amateur, inane, lousy, inept, tedious, failure. But other than that, great stuff.

The attempt at nostalgia for 1980s horror films is a total failure here. The dialogue, especially, is laughably lame. It's like someone watched a bunch of clichéd 1980s parodies and lifted words out of that. Whatever charm those old films had is completely absent here.

Yes, it's a very low budget attempt at a movie. And I suppose the effects should be consider "okay" given that, but "low budget" is not a valid excuse for a movie being so bad. If you can't make a movie and make it right, then don't make it at all.

At least it's short!

Reviewed by djangozelf-123511 / 10

30+ actors trying to pass for college students.

This started somewhat promising but even that first scene all ready felt very cheap but at that point it could have upped the ante and it could have been decent.

That never happens and about 50 minutes long they just stretch it and it becomes very dull. The movie doesn't even attempt to give you anything of a plot twist and is just a real lame story.

All 30+ women show up naked but there is no real action there and they basically just stand around so it serves no real purpose. Camera work is often out of focus so picture quality just feels very poor.

The poster was the most interesting thing about this movie and probably most of the money got spend on that.

There is nothing new here and it's just more of same old,same old.

How this got nominated for anything is beyond me and my guess is it must have been something local.

Don't recommend it and it would be wise to avoid this one.

It's just another bad B-movie.

Reviewed by sharpsuddenshot9 / 10

Well done independent slasher with great gore!!!

This film is a throwback to the 80's plain & simple. Well done. Marcus Koch's gore & blood effects were nicely done. Good kill scenes and such made the movie stand out. Filmed around the Tampa Bay Florida area & does have a low budget but done the right way. Shade Burnett stands out as a great part of the film. The cover art for the film is retro looking & really cool. Some female nudity which is always a plus in a slasher film. I recommend this film to any horror or slasher film fan. The director and writer set out to make a sorority slasher film and they were successful. Nothing new to speak of in this film as it's been done over & over but for someone like myself that loves this style of film I never get tired of it. My cast signed DVD is part of my slasher collection & I will watch it many times again in the years to come. Go out and get it and support independent cinema.

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