The Trip to Spain


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle7 / 10

the trip continues

Steve Coogan gets work to write food reviews around Spain for the New York Times. He invites his long-time best friend Rob Brydon. Rob takes one look at his crying toddler and quickly accepts. It's a week of traveling and sarcastic impersonations. Steve's personal life intervenes on the trip.

The guys continue their tradition of traveling, and eating, and talking. It's loads of impersonations and plenty of food porn. The Bowie bit is hilarious and it's all like that. This is for fans of the series and anybody who liked the original movie. This is very much the same as before. I do wonder if they should write the other restaurant patrons start objecting to their loud talking. It's kinda funny to see the background actors doing nothing while the pair goes crazy with their impersonations. It may be interesting to have them chuckle or do something.

Reviewed by siderite7 / 10

Another trip, but this time missing something vital

I liked the two previous Trip movies, but they had something more than two comedians riffing off each other in exotic locations, they had some personal connection. While Trip to Spain uses the exact same formula, it lacks anything that makes me relate to the characters. It shows them having midlife drama with agents leaving or chasing them, but that's about their job, not their life. And the additional one with the son of Coogan feels artificial, as it doesn't really affect the overall story. What I would have liked was to see the relationship between the two characters evolve, but in fact it stays exactly the same.

The depiction of Spain is even more sketchy than in the other two movies, which is saying something and they are over 50. Instead of glamorous actors that seduce women in European tourist traps, they turn into the two old Muppets!

I hope there is some evolution in the next film, if there will be any, because even the jokes were duplicated from previous movies.

Reviewed by AlsExGal7 / 10

Third in a series of light comedies

Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon return as barely-fictionalized versions of themselves, once again on a tour to write articles about local cuisine. This time they're in Spain, but the focus remains on the dialogue and camaraderie between Coogan and Brydon, as they once again have dueling celebrity impressions of Roger Moore, Michael Caine, Mick Jagger and more. Also featuring Marta Barrio and Claire Keelan.

This follows 2010's The Trip and 2014's The Trip to Italy, and they are all virtually the same, with only the location changing: part travelogue, part haute cuisine foodie indulgence, but mainly witty, at times laugh-out-loud hilarious conversation between British film and TV stars Coogan and Brydon. The Spanish scenery is spectacular, and the many ancient buildings visited are a highlight. This one does end on a much different note than the others, and I'll be curious to see the fourth one "Trip To Greece". The formula still hasn't gotten old for me, and I'd be willing to watch more of these from all over the globe.

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