Gun City

2018 [SPANISH]

Action / Adventure / Crime / History / Thriller

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Jaime Lorente as León
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Luis Tosar as Aníbal Uriarte
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kosmasp8 / 10

Better times?

Sometimes people yearn for "simpler" times and refer the past as a good time to have lived. But as this and other movies show, all time periods have their issues or their problems humans had to endure and to live with. This has a high criminality in the center of the story but also corruption, so it is tough to recognize good and bad sometimes.

Yes gray areas are common and it is not a bad thing to show them. Especially when you show something (even in a heightened film form) that happened. The movie does feel like one of the US films that portrayed that particular time in history and you would be excused if you thought it was about that. Production design is really high and the actors are really good. And it doesn't shy away from violence either - not for the faint hearted and not easy to watch for sure - but very well made

Reviewed by deloudelouvain6 / 10

Not bad but not a gem.

Since I live in Spain I've been watching more and more Spanish movies and there are some really good movies made here. La Sombra De La Ley falls just under that category. Luis Tosar is an actor I recognize now as he's been in a couple good movies. La Sombra De La Ley (I have no clue why they translate this as Gun City) is probably not the best movie where Luis Tosar plays in but it's worth watching. To me it was just a bit too long and sometimes a bit confusing as well so more than a six star rating it won't get from me. The acting, directing were all positive, the plot just not perfect.

Reviewed by ma-cortes7 / 10

A top-notch and high-powered thriller , full of drama, noisy action , wonderful cinematography and perfect settings

Violent and strong film , being very well set in Barcelona of the Twenties . At a time in which there was a great mayhem , as the working class rises on strikes demanding what they considerando fair . While the Bourgeoise class attempts to calm their spirits using illegal methods , even hiring thugs to intimidate the instigators . It deals with a corrupt group , -Vicente Romero , Ernesto Alterio, Fredi Leis-, of policies operating in Barcelona , there comes another cop , the Basque Anibal Uriarte , Luis Tosar , who joins the squad . At the same time, Salvador Ortiz nicknamed El Baron : Manolo Solo , runs a Cabaret called Eden where dances Lola : Adriana Torrebejano . There usually go the members of the elite cops .Things go wrong when a weapons shipment is robbed and the Chief Inspector assigns the team to investigate it .

It is a violent and engaging flick describing historial events when in Barcelona rules the strongest law with anarchist gangs, abusive entrepreneurs , Strikes and Lock-outs . Moving story plenty of polítical crimes , intrigue , thrills , crossfire , and real events about Catalunya and especially Anarchism and Unions . As the film concerns similar deeds to "La verdad sobre el caso Savolta" 1980 directed by Antonio Drove . The flick was well based on historical events surrounding Barcelona city . The city of Barcelona was the economical capital of Spain and it it was particularly contentious , as it was demostrated in a previous decade with the Tragic Week 1909 . Regarding the social crisis with a labour movement divided between Socialists and Anarchists that used both , peaceful methods : Strikes and violent , as the action direct of sometimes indiscriminate attacks : explosion , massacre , bombing . And employers who used all kinds of tactics from the Lock-out to Gangsterism .While the main Anarchist Syndicate , CNT , an anarchist Union majority in Catalonia carried out strong strikes and several violent acts .The picture is decent and agreeable , although overlong and complex, at times . Anyway , it is compensed with the great performances from a long and prestigious main and secondary cast . The main cast formed by Luis Tosar and Michelle Jenner are pretty good . The secondary cast is frankly well , plenty of familiar faces , such as Ernesto Alterio , Vicente Romero , Manolo Solo, Paco Tous , Jaime Lorente , Adriana Torrebejano , Fernando Cayo , William Miller , among others .

The picture has a luxurious production design, being lavishly financed by notorious producers as Mikel Lejarza , Carrizosa , Ignacio Salazar ,and Mercedes Gamero . As well as a gorgeous and brilliant Cinematography by Josu Inchaustegui . And a sensitive and rousing musical score from Xavi Font and Manuel Riveiro . The yarn was well directed by Dani De La Torre . This Galician filmmaker has made a few but very good films . He previously realized Shorts as Lobos and Minas , and a TV series: Mar Libre . His first film was the successful El Deconocido. Rating 7.5 /10 . Decent and enjoyable film .Better than average . Well worth watching.

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