The Three Caballeros


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MartinHafer3 / 10

Like underwear for Christmas!

Let me explain my summary. When you are a kid and it's Christmas, think of what it would be like if ALL the beautifully wrapped presents under the tree are actually nothing but underwear! After all, you have very high hopes....only to be bitterly disappointed. As a child, I saw this film and was psyched when it began. The film DID star Donald Duck and like all sane kids, I loved the duck. But then, all struck me. It was about as fun as the underwear! Singing, dancing and a travelogue! That was NOT what I'd anticipated. Years later, I rented the film again...assuming my childhood memories must have been wrong. They weren't. The film is a dull and only good to be used as a means to punish misbehaving children. I could imagine a parent saying "If you are good, I'll buy you BEAUTY AND THE BEAST...but if you're bad, THE THREE CABALLEROS!!!". Proof that not everything Disney is good.

Aside from nice animation and a catchy theme song, this is dull from start to finish.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird8 / 10


I don't consider this one of the best of Disney, but I do think it is delightful and I also think it is a little better than Saludos Amigos. The Three Caballeros is a little too short and the opening scenes are a tad too coy for my liking, but it gets much better when and if you bear with it. The animation is stunning, with rich bold colours and the characters and backgrounds are beautifully realised. The music is also memorable and give real flavour to some of the scenes. There is also much to enjoy scenes wise, the title number is filled with energy, and You Belong to My Heart is lovely. As entertaining as Jose and Panchito are, what made the movie for me was Donald falls in love with Aurora(sister of Carmen) Miranda and gets caught up in the soundtrack. The whole scene is very charming and funny, and the animated choreography is incredible. Overall, a delightful film and worth seeing for more reasons than just historical value. 8/10 Bethany Cox

Reviewed by lee_eisenberg2 / 10

ultimate stereotype of Latin America

So the idea behind making "The Three Caballeros" was that Disney was building goodwill with Latin America. I suspect that most of the people in hispanophone and lusophone America who saw it left the theater thinking "Disney has a weird idea of goodwill." Basically, it makes the region look like a nonstop party, always populated by sexy women. The representatives are a pair of exuberant birds: a suave Brazilian parrot and a hyperactive Mexican rooster. A real look at Latin America would focus on colonialism and poverty. To be certain, Brazil bulldozed favelas to make room for the World Cup stadium (which will probably never get used again).

I know, this movie wasn't really meant to be serious. Even so, pushing stereotypes is not an authentic way to build goodwill.

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