The Thieves

2012 [KOREAN]

Action / Comedy / Crime / Thriller

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Jung-jae Lee Photo
Jung-jae Lee as Popie
Soo-hyun Kim Photo
Soo-hyun Kim as Zampano
Hye-su Kim Photo
Hye-su Kim as Pepsee
Ji-hyun Jun Photo
Ji-hyun Jun as Yenicall
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca7 / 10

Splendid action

THE THIEVES is a South Korean blockbuster in the form of an action/comedy/heist thriller, featuring an all-star cast heading off to Hong Kong to commit the theft of the century. It's familiar stuff of course, a hackneyed genre in itself, but it's handled with typical verve and aplomb in the Korean style. The exemplary cast make watching this one an effortless experience, and the only real complaint is that it's a little overlong. However, it gets more and more gripping as it transpires, and the extended action at the climax - including a gunfight on the outside of a building - is splendid.

Reviewed by phd_travel3 / 10

Confusing mess

This caper story is ambitious and fails. Too many characters and languages. Hard to discern who is doing what to whom. Macau looks nice. Gianna Jun looks pretty. Not much Kim Soo Hyun. Not worth the effort because there is no impact or continuity.

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen8 / 10

If you only watch one Asian movie this year, "The Thieves" is the one to watch...

Finally I got a chance to watch "The Thieves" ("Dodookdeul"),and the wait was well worth it. This movie was fantastic in every aspect.

The story is about a group of Korean and Hong Kong thieves who come together for a mutual heist to steal a very expensive diamond. But things take a turn for the worse and the heist doesn't go as planned. Alliances are forged and broken, and the game of deception runs high, and just what is honor amongst thieves truly worth?

I will say that the storyline was compelling and interesting. Sure it could be compared to "Oceans Eleven" and with elements of "Mission Impossible" in it, but it would be a shame to do so, because "The Thieves" is unique in its own right.

The story was not predictable and just as you thought you had figured out what was next, the movie took an unforeseen turn and totally throws off the audience. This is the part that I really like about the storyline, it was kept fresh and constantly on the toes.

Director Dong-Hoon Choi have managed to put together a great movie that is entertaining, exciting and thrilling. And what really helps the movie along nicely are the people on the cast list. Wow! They really have some of the great talents from both the Korean and Hong Kong cinema alike. Gianna Jun, Simon Yam and Jung-Jae Lee really go all the way here and carry the movie so nicely.

"The Thieves" is a definite 'must' watch movie of you enjoy Asian cinema, regardless of your preference to Korean or Hong Kong cinema.

This movie is a clear 8 out of 10 stars without a doubt.

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