Rupan sansei


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Tadanobu Asano as Inspector Zenigata
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kosmasp7 / 10

Master thief?

If you like a detective thriller kind of story with lots of action, you could do a lot worse than this. It's fun, has a lot of good stunts and it's an easy watch. There might not be the biggest acting challenge going on and the characters may seem easily drawn too, but that shouldn't be an obstacle in enjoying this.

It might be a bit too long for some people though and I am not that familiar with the general story of "Lupin" (this is not the first movie made about this character),so I can't tell you how this is compared to other sources/movies. I do know that I did enjoy myself and was entertained enough to give this at least one thumb up

Reviewed by Aoi_kdr4 / 10

Fujiko acted by Meisa Kuroki was the highlight of this movie!

I am a big fan of Lupin the 3rd series. Although it made many fans angry, I didn't feel it was not so bad that I got angery. Frankly speaking, I thought it didn't have to be made closer to the original forcibly. If you suppose it's another thing, it's ok enough to watch it withought getting bored.

Reviewed by Bantam5 / 10

Did not steal my heart

Kitamura, the guy who did "Versus" and "Aragami" tires his skill at some material that has been around for a while. To be precise for almost a 100 years (counting in the original Arsene Lupin).

Let me pick up one thing that was mentioned before, the lighting. In general it was okay for me, but that's a matter of personal taste, I guess.

I haven't had a chance to review the mangas and the anime(s),so I am a bit biased. The entire story is somewhat confusing. Thieves stealing from thieves, okay, I can live with that. But the entire sister/brother thing between 'Michael' and 'Fujiko' is a bit too much. Same goes for the strangely misplaced loyalty to his (Michael's) father as well as the weird thirst for revenge stemming from it. Also, the entire "auction" scene makes no sense at all. What kind of auction is this supposed to be? And so forth. The entire story suffers from potholes, inconsistencies and sudden turns that border on the absurd; Parmuk was the bad guy all along? Shocking development! *gasp* The last part, when they break into the "Ark" is way over the top. Which does not help the move, since it's just for show. In terms of story it's somewhat useless. I thought he was a thief, not Rambo incarnate? And you'd need a 170 mil. computer to write a virus that is being carelessly!!! plugged in via USB? Come on, guys.

Apart from that the acting is decent, the characters try to make sense in the confines of the plot but sometimes fall a bit short. Action scenes and stunts are en par with other action/adventure movies. If you just watch it for fun and seek light entertainment, it's okay. I kinda hope this stays a one-off for Kitamura and he will turn to pure action again. As a matter of fact, I've got "No one lives" lined up. Let's hope it's a better treat.

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