The Speed of Thought


Action / Sci-Fi / Thriller

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Wallace Shawn as Sandy
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Taryn Manning as Kira
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Nick Stahl as Joshua Lazarus
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Erik Palladino as Butler
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by wandernn1-81-6832743 / 10

Bring Back Carnivale....

I've certainly seen much better movies about Telepathy. The low budget, poorly scripted thing wasn't that great. There just didn't seem like there was a lot of material to work with here. The best part of the movie was a glimpse of a really nice behind near the beginning. That was about it. 3/10.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca2 / 10

Homemade sci fi

SCOPERS is a little independent production about a guy either blessed or cursed - depending on which way you look at it - with telepathic ability, a gift which leads to him working for the US government on various national defence missions. However, tiring of his ability, he utilises the aid of a friend to try to find a 'cure' for his condition.

I watched this film on the strength of the all-action cover, which described the movie as "Inception meets X-Men". That's a lie if ever I saw one and anyone who believes such a thing should ask for their money back. Because this is a no budget film which mainly consists of a couple of characters talking in a room and the occasional green screen effects which are very poor. SCOPERS managed to bring in a couple of semi-famous actors in the form of Nick Stahl and Taryn Manning but neither of them make much of an effort and who can blame them? This film's a real bore with a plot line that goes nowhere.

Reviewed by movieman_kev2 / 10

These are not the telepaths that you're looking for

Telepathic Josh (Nick Stahl) falls in love with fellow telepath Anna. But he's acutely aware that he may very well die at any moment or so his government liaison, Sandy (the Princess Brides' Wallace Shawn) A 'truth' he begins to question after he finds another 'scoper' older than him.

This is a drawn-out, boring little sci-fi dud of a film. Part of the problem stems from its predictability and the phoned-in acting style of most of the main characters doesn't help matters. Im not normally one for hyperbole but this is quite possibly Nick Stahl's worst film. And keep in mind, I've sat through Mirrors 2

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