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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by The_Amazing_Spy_Rises8 / 10

Pure popcorn fun for the whole family. Great job, Andy & Larry.

Well, what you've got here is a case of audience/critic disagreement. Obviously, this movie will get bashed by the critics because of its cartoonish and campy mood, but that's just it: the world shown on screen by the Wachowski brothers is marvelous. The animation is perfect for the atmosphere they're trying to create. Don't go in expecting Matrix-esquire effects, because there aren't any bullet time scenes. The effects used are so fitting for this movie because they're almost cartoonish and the movie doesn't take itself too seriously.

The film, an adaptation of the long running Japanese anime, revolves around natural racing phenomenon Speed (the wonderful Emile Hirsch) and his family, which somehow includes John Goodman and Susan Sarandon (whoever pulled off this casting deserves some kind of award). Oh yeah, and the casting directors managed to get Matthew Fox and Christina Ricci as well. What really stood out in this area is that everyone involved really understood the characters and the world that Speed Racer is supposed to display. It's not supposed to be overly serious, nor is it supposed to be that realistic either. With the warm performances of Hirsch, Goodman, and Ricci, you get transported into another world (isn't that the point of movies anyway?). Matthew Fox is also great as the mysterious Racer X, whose role is sort of misconstrued by the previews. He showed a different side that I didn't think he could on 'Lost'.

The visual effects, as I've said before, aren't going to be Matrix-esquire, but there are a few "whoa" factor sequences that had my jaw dropping. I also need to warn you that, if you can't take fast camera movements or rapid shots, be careful. It's not as bad as Cloverfield or Blair Witch (because the quickness only occurs in the race sequences),but I'd still try to grab a seat in the middle or back of the theater. The film is visually stunning outside of the races themselves as well. The buildings, the cities, the homes, the cars themselves...all beautiful.

The Wachowski brothers get an A+ for keeping the movie in the spirit of the show as much as they could (they really did a great job),however the film has a major flaw: a runtime of just under 2 and a half hours. That's a BIG no no for a movie that is obviously marketed towards kids, unless it has the names "Star Wars" or "Harry Potter" on it. The film also has a sensual scene or two featuring Ricci and Hirsch, not to mention occasional language.

My advice: don't listen to the critics, see this movie for the fact that it's pure entertainment for the audience, and it will take you away to a visually stunning world for a couple hours. Definitely an enjoyable movie for the entire family.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca1 / 10

Incredible trash - how was this made?

After watching this, I can't actually believe it was funded or made. Or that the guys behind it were the Wachowski brothers, who of course made the fairly decent MATRIX films all those years ago. Or that there were some decent actors in support, including John Goodman and a briefly glimpsed Hiroyuki Sanada.

Anyway, SPEED RACER is pure rubbish. It's so bad because it's a film made entirely via CGI and greenscreen, so that everything you see in the movie is fake, too bright, too colourful, too unrealistic. The graphics are worse than in many modern computer games, and given the predominance of computer graphics throughout I'm left wondering why they just didn't make an all-out animated movie. It would have made more sense.

In any case, this is one of the worst I've ever seen. The story is some clichéd old nonsense about a guy whose older brother dies in a racing accident, so of course he himself becomes a racer. The bad guys are completely lame and half the running time seems to be given over to some would-be comedy antics involving a fat kid and a chimpanzee. Unsurprisingly the acting is terrible and the run-time is interminable, leaving me very tempted to switch this off partway through. Somehow I managed to make it to the end, but never again.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle5 / 10

Gaudy style overwhelms without the excitement of real stunts

Speed Racer (Emile Hirsch) grew up idolizing his older brother Rex (Scott Porter). When they barely survive a bomb, Rex runs away to race for somebody other than Mom (Susan Sarandon) and Pops (John Goodman). Now Speed Racer is a grown up and a brilliant racer with his childhood girlfriend Trixie (Christina Ricci).

Nobody could ever call the Wachowski Brothers bland. They are certainly very bold with their style and this is no exception. However the gaudy colors, and cartoonish style doesn't make the racing that exciting. It's all flash and fury signifying nothing. I rather have a few real stunt car driving. The style overwhelms everything.

As for the story, who could really pay enough attention to keep up? The visual overload distracts the audience and confuses everything. Any possible tension is drained away by the ridiculousness of everything.

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