The Six Wives of Henry Lefay


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Reviewed by sunwarrior135 / 10

A Big Wacky Mess

The Six Wives of Henry Lefay is a comedy starring Elisha Cuthbert and Tim Allen together with S. Epatha Merkerson,Andie MacDowell,Jenna Elfman,Paz Vega,Lindsay Sloane,Jenna Dewan and Eric Christian Olsen.It tells a story about a grieving daughter that tries to arrange her father's funeral as well as putting up with all of his ex-wives.It was written and directed by Howard Michael Gould.

During a trip to Mexico with his fiancé,salesman Henry Lefay disappears, while para-sailing, and is presumed dead. His grieving daughter begins to make funeral arrangements, a process made tricky when his current wife and five exes descend and wage a fierce power struggle over the burial.And the mess of the movie starts.

The Six Wives of Henry Lefay is one big mess of a story.It all tries to depend of the comical acts of the cast particularly Tim Allen.But despite of the cast involved,it simply becomes a 90-minute exercise of laughs and nothing more as the viewer may not even care what goes on in the story.

Reviewed by nogodnomasters8 / 10


Tim Allen plays Henry LeFay, a man who never met a woman he didn't marry. Henry is a "Crazy Eddy" type who lives in a small upstate NY town. He is on vacation in Mexico when word comes to his daughter Barbie, that he has died. Barbie, who looks like a Barbie doll, is our voice of reason during this film. The movie then goes into a flashback of Henry, married to a young girl named Autumn (same age as his daughter Barbie),is also engaged to woman who Barbie loathes from high school (3 years younger than his wife Autumn) while he is having an affair with his ex-wife. To be honest, she was wife number 2 and number 4. At one point his ex-wife is chasing Henry with a knife because during oral sex he had answered his cell phone to talk to his fiancee (while his wife was away).

At the funeral, his ex-wives have conflicting instructions, written by Henry as to his funeral arrangements. During the bickering, an African-American woman shows up at the funeral claiming she was really Henry's first wife and that their marriage was annulled after three months. Henry's elderly mom keeps mistaking her for the hired help. In one touching scene Barbie tries to bond with her grandmother by asking her to tell her something she never told her before. As it turns out, grandma was a woman for hire at Pearl Harbor during the war.

After the funeral (I will spare you the comic details of the funeral to prevent spoiling the film) the movie ties up loose ends in a heart warming fashion.

Normally I avoid things with cute title puns such as Joan of Arcadia, or Grey's Anatomy, but this one was good for a laugh. Adult themes, rear nudity, drops the f-bomb very infrequently.

Reviewed by Robert_duder7 / 10

A fun little dark comedy that will entertain simply

--Fun sitcom like comedy --Dark twisted and funny --A little bland at times and perhaps over the top too much for its own good at times --Solid cast, good supporting characters --Story sometimes feels a little contrived and forced

Tim Allen does a solid job in the role as womanizing Henry. He doesn't have a ton of screen time but he definitely carries the movie very well. Nice to see him in something a little less slapstick for movies.

Elisha Cuthbert is actually really great as Henry's daughter Barbera. She has great chemistry with the cast and with Allen as well. She really shows some great acting chops though she is the straight-woman in the comedy.

Andie MacDowell is also very good but also sort of the straight-woman. Her and Cuthbert have good chemistry as mother and daughter.

Jenna Elfman, and Paz Vega are also terrific as the often screwy wives (especially Elfman) who has an odd but solid chemistry with Tim Allen.

This is director Howard Michael Gould's first go as director. That might have hurt the film a little bit because a stronger director might have held the film together just a little better. He has a lot of experience in producing but I'm not sure he has the experience yet to hold together a movie as director. Still sit back and relax and you can enjoy this very quirky little dark comedy. You won't be rolling on the floor laughing but laughs and chuckles are plenty. 7/10

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