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Alice Krige as Tully
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by smatysia8 / 10

"Anyone can get a job. It takes a man to make it without working."

Faye Dunaway's best work since Network! She really nailed this role. Mickey Rourke was superb, so sleazy you could almost smell him through the screen. His character's way of speaking and walking were such affectations that I would normally consider overacting, but here they were just right.

Reviewed by mark.waltz5 / 10

Drunk in East L.A.

Say what you will about Faye Dunaway, but when she gets her heart into a character, she loses all of her inhibitions and really becomes that character. Here, she loses makeup, a good hair stylist and apparently through the magic of good makeup even a tooth. Coming on 24 minutes into this movie, once she's on, you can't forget her, and it is obvious as to why she got a Golden Globe nomination for this.

Before that, the focus is on Mickey Rourke, an East L. A. drunken bum who keeps getting into fights with bartender Frank Stallone. One night he wins and get a little bit of money in the process, and heads over to another bar where he meets the already tipsy Dunaway. They have a wacky encounter with the cops, threatened open gunfire thanks to their theft of some corn, and end up spending the night together. She dislikes people but sees him as an intellectual equal oh, probably the first person to treat him as a human being. They unleash their souls to each other, but can two barflies really find happiness together?

Her character of Wanda is the type that starts off glamorous when she first starts drinking, but by the end of the night is disheveled and an emotional wreck. It's obvious that her glamour days are over simply because of the booze, and his days as a poet (a character based on Charles Bukowski) don't make him any money anymore. Alice Krige is a glamorous young woman who comes in between Rourke and Dunaway, who in spite of her claims that she never wants to be in love again, it's obvious that she is not willing to be without a man even if love isn't there.

Both Rourke and Dunaway give their all in this dark comedy of a side of life that usually isn't funny. It isn't until the story is established where it is made clear that the poetic side of Rourke's character is based on Bukowski. This view of a long gone part of Hollywood east of Vine ( most likely on Sunset Boulevard heading down to where it hits Santa Monica) is a fascinating time capsule, and while not a perfect film has very interesting characters, even among the smaller parts which includes cheap old women who provide thrills for a $20, and old drunks waiting for their inevitable exit from the planet. Fascinating if eventually depressing, this is the type of film that not everybody will enjoy, but no one who sees it will certainly ever forget it.

Reviewed by lee_eisenberg7 / 10

no redeeming characters, but still likable

It seems that it would be very easy to hate a movie like "Barfly". Focusing on an ugly part of life and containing no redeeming characters, it almost seems impossible to like this movie. But the characters, wretched as they are, do elicit a certain charm. Mickey Rourke is great as pathetic drunk Henry Chinaski, spending his entire life in the bars and getting into fights whenever possible. But I actually liked Faye Dunaway even more as his hubby Wanda Wilcox; she's as pathetic as Henry, but somehow never gives up.

So, most of this movie will probably make your stomach turn, but you might end up liking it. Charles Bukowski must be a real loser if this is his life story. Also starring Alice Krige, Jack Nance and Frank Stallone.

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