The Science of Sleep

2006 [FRENCH]

Action / Comedy / Drama / Fantasy / Romance

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Gael García Bernal Photo
Gael García Bernal as Stéphane Miroux
Charlotte Gainsbourg Photo
Charlotte Gainsbourg as Stéphanie
Miou-Miou Photo
Miou-Miou as Christine Miroux
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sundevil279 / 10

Dreamy Art Pic that requires multiple viewings

I just saw this at the Sundance Film Festival and feel compelled to saw a few things about the flick. This movie is so insanely good and just plain insane at the same time. The movie follows Gael Garcia's character as he moves back to his mothers home in Paris and finds himself falling for the girl across the hall. Gael's character experiences reality through dreams and the present, creating all sorts of confusion. The movie has some of the most unique props and eccentric animation pieces I have ever seen, but would you expect anything less from Gondry (Eternal Sunshine..). This movie really can't be described in truth but holds so much potential for multiple viewings as its so full of life and visual wonders for the eyes. Gael Garcia is just perfect in this role and is fascinating in gesture and laugh out loud funny when the script allows. I think you should definitely look forward to seeing this movie when it gets a wide release, its funny, its art, its pleasure for the eyes and a puzzle for the mind.

Reviewed by LazySod9 / 10

The Weirdness of Reality

Or, The Science of Sleep. A film that rates -very- high on the weirdness scale as it tells the story of a man that has trouble keeping reality and dreamworld apart. It starts when he moves back to France to live with his mother after his father passes away. The rest of his story is a fairly normal one, just the way it is played out is rather odd.

This film had me watching it open mouthed for most of the time. From the very start of it to the very end. In fact, I might have had my mouth open from the moment it started - I didn't realize it until about halfway through. The astonishment and pleasure on my end started with the very first shots - the way things got depicted and worked out. A film that is as much a film as a true piece of art.

I can do nothing other than rating this one very highly. It is like a dream but also like reality and it explains its title and theme very clearly. Acting is good enough and the music choice is very fitting. All in all, very worthwhile material.

9 out of 10 fuzzy dreams

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle7 / 10

love the surrealism

Mexican Stéphane Miroux (Gael García Bernal) has a wild imaginative dream world. His father passes away. He moves to France and gets a job at a boring calendar printing company. Stéphanie (Charlotte Gainsbourg) and Zoé move in next door. The movers drop a piano on Stéphane's hand. He falls for Stéphanie right away. She is pulled in by his imagination.

Written and directed by Michel Gondry who also directed 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind', this has lots of Charlie Kaufman touches although he's not involved in this movie. I really like the surrealism. I want to like this movie more but the story is a bit of a mess. Part of the problem may be the multitude of languages. Transferring from one language to the next may have more meaning for people who speak those languages. For example, I can't tell how bad is Stéphane's french. Also the switching between reality and dream is not as clear cut as I want it to be. I love the weird surrealism anyways.

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