The Most Unknown


Action / Documentary

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh83%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright62%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by wermat10 / 10

Unusual but beautiful documentary style

This documentary doesn't want to explain difficult projects. It doesn't want to make a point or speed through thousands of facts. It just portraits nine scientist passioned about their work. I found the raw insight in the different labs very fascinating. Something you often don't see in this form in other films. You can feel that Werner Herzog was a advisor for the film, wich is awsome.

Reviewed by perlshop1 / 10

Nothing great

By the title and description of this film I was hoping it would be something thought provoking, and maybe i will get to learn something new. But unfortunately it didn't do either.

It's just 9 people meeting and learning about each other professions. There are hardly any insights or a-ha moments. You could find more interesting people on the train who may teach you a new thing or two.. but not the people in this film.

Reviewed by kosmasp6 / 10

Answers or Questions

Sometimes you don't even want to know the answers to some questions. Not to mention that there is only so much we can remember anyway. Some are more gifted in certain departments (mathematics, physics, remembering stuff and other things) than others. Are you interested in scientific questions? A book might also be a good place to continue to explore that curiosity by the way.

But if you want a more digestable, short foray into the mindset of some really wicked minds and the things they deal with everyday (or at least most time) and what conclusions they have come up with - well you could do worse. This most likely will not change your life forever - at least that is true for most of the people who'll watch this. If you take more from this than the average viewer though: good for you. Since I watched it on a streaming service I can't tell you if there is a Disc version that has features you may want to explore.

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