The Rooftop Christmas Tree


Action / Animation / Family / Fantasy / Romance

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by poolede9 / 10

Different Christmas story

This one is very different, and will make you feel very good. It transcends the girl and boy find each other. Tim Reid was fantastic. I also agree with people who said it's nice to see a Christmas movie that's actually filmed during the winter. Well written.

Reviewed by jewelch9 / 10

WOW a amazing story.

This is a great movie to sit and watch with family during the Holiday season. Great plot. Mystery keeps you guessing throughout. Wholesome and heartwarming but not religious. A neighbor insists on putting a Christmas tree on his roof every year and no one can figure out why he is even willing to go to jail and pay fines in order to keep putting it there for many years. Watch to find out! well worth watching. James Welch Henderson, Arkansas 12/11/2020

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird6 / 10

Up on the rooftop

Last Christmas period (started watching in October but reviewing in December after not getting so behind with my reviewing) saw me on a roll watching and reviewing many relatively recent Christmas films, as part of a quest to see as many as possible that had not already been seen and still favourites. It did turn out to an interesting experience, took me time to get through it though and am still watching and reviewing, but like all completest quests it proved to be a very variable one with good, bad and in betweens.

'The Rooftop Christmas Tree' is somewhere in the top-in between batch. It is not a great film, but it was worthwhile, well intended and sweet. A pleasant enough diversion as long as one doesn't expect too much, that does quite a lot right. Even if the traps that festive films can fall into, and frequently have done, are not completely avoided. Other festive films have fared far worse in what 'The Rooftop Christmas Tree' has wrong with it though.

It could have been better. The story is formulaic and doesn't really have anything new or special to it to make it stand out, also not always being completely focused. Some of the dialogue doesn't sound very natural, and can be a bit corny and sappy like towards the end.

Quite a bit better and more could have been done with the central relationship, it felt too rushed and underdeveloped and its change from how it starts to by the outcome suffers as a result and doesn't come over as realistic. Some of the supporting cast don't act particularly well, either not having much presence with little to work with or overdoing it. Plus the parents are too unrealistically young, the main character Sarah is supposed to be their daughter but could easily pass as their sister.

Michelle Morgan having said that does play her quite likeably, but the best performance and one of the best things about the film is Tim Reid who is quite heartfelt in his well-defined role. The characters are not fully developed but most of them at least engage and don't feel too cardboard, despite the acting varying. The film is nicely shot and complements the authentically festive scenery beautifully. The soundtrack also captures the feeling of Christmas in a way that's infectious and nostalgic.

Charm can be felt throughout 'The Rooftop Christmas Tree', the messaging is well intended and handled with force but also tact instead of preaching and a good deal of it is touching and has a very warm heart in its centre.

In a nutshell, pleasant if nothing remarkable. 6/10

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