The Tree That Saved Christmas


Action / Drama / Romance

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tabuno8 / 10

A Few Steps Above The Typical Christmas Drama

This predictable Christmas drama surrounding a threatened tree farm unfolds in a rather intriguing fashion. There is the stern and unempathetic employer. There is the mean Scrooge-like banker. There is the broken romance. There are even the boss's young daughters. What is somewhat different is that the movie magic comes not from a fantasy miracle, but the eventual realism of the practical value of family and social connections. This movie also includes some nice emotional moments even as the movie at times has some rough, edged scenes. Overall, however, this Christmas movie stands out from the typical movie genre with a good effort with a refreshing production using script and scene selections that challenge the typical mold. Not a classic, but worth a one-time experience.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird6 / 10

Not a Christmas miracle but worth the save

There were quite a few reasons for wanting to see 'The Tree That Saved Christmas'. The title was a little corny but also somewhat appetising. The idea for the story was hardly innovative but sounded cute enough. Lacey Chabert is always a likeable watch, and is no stranger to Christmas films where she has always been watchable. Am someone who has always loved Christmas and has seen many Christmas films as a completest quest for the past year and a half.

While there are certainly far better festive films out there than 'The Tree That Saved Christmas', there are also far worse. Although it may not be a Christmas miracle or classic, and suffers from trying to do too much, 'The Tree That Saved Christmas' is worth saving and watching and is quite charming in its own way. It is one of those films though that one shouldn't expect too much from, and not expect anything that is award worthy. It does serve its purpose quite well on the whole.

Am going to start with the good things with 'The Tree That Saved Christmas'. It looks lovely, especially the scenery which is at its best magical. Lovingly photographed too. The music is nostalgic and has an appropriately festive feel, have seen a lot of Christmas films recently that were overscored and where the music didn't fit but it wasn't an issue here. The direction is more than competent, not exceptional but at least it seemed like they knew what they were doing.

Some of the dialogue is corny, but there isn't the overload of cheese and schmaltz that many other recently seen Christmas films have. It flowed well and is well meaning. Enough of the story was charming and heart-warming and the messaging was relatable and inspiring. The characters had personality and interesting and un-annoying ones at that, finally we have a boss character that was actually likeable. The acting is better than average on the whole, with a charmingly winning performance from Chabert and a particularly strong turn from Jim Thorburn. Nice chemistry between the actors.

However, 'The Tree That Saved Christmas' could have been better if it didn't try to include too much. There are too many plot strands, which makes the story feels over-crowded, and there are a couple of too many loose ends due to not being focused upon enough. Also felt that there were too many characters and some of them are sketchy, while Corey Sevier does decently his character seemed underwritten.

It does tend to be very predictable, there are attempts at doing things differently but with not much unique done with them, with an ending that is too neat and obvious from the title of the film alone. Pacing could have been tighter as well, especially early on.

Overall, inoffensive and sweet but didn't wow me. 6/10

Reviewed by gehewe4 / 10

Save your Christmas and Stay away from this one.

Our family loves Christmas movies. This one failed the doze test big time- most of us fell asleep. We will never watch it again. It was painful.

We like Lacey Chabert and hope they give her a good Christmas movie. This movie failed. There were just too many tangents to the main story line. We liked the man who played the father (Lacey's). The mother's role just didn't work. Happy to see Ashley Newton from Heartland. Probably there were just too many characters. What should have been the climax of the movie was left to a note on the tree. Very little true emotion in this movie.

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