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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird10 / 10

Delivering pianos

Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy were comedic geniuses, individually and together, and their partnership was deservedly iconic and one of the best there was. They left behind a large body of work, a vast majority of it being entertaining to classic comedy, at their best they were hilarious and their best efforts were great examples of how to do comedy without being juvenile or distasteful.

Although a vast majority of Laurel and Hardy's previous efforts ranged from above average to very good ('45 Minutes from Hollywood' being the only misfire and mainly worth seeing as a curiosity piece and for historical interest, and even that wasn't a complete mess),'Two Tars' for me was their first truly classic one with close to flawless execution. 'The Music Box', one of their most famous for very good reason, for me is up there with their best and certainly among their funniest.

Can't really find anything wrong with it, was past caring this time as to whether the story was standard or not because it gets to the point and has a lot of energy throughout, on top of being riotously funny in its best moments.

From start to finish 'The Music Box' is great fun, never less than very amusing and the best moments, such as the ending, being classic hilarity. Delivering pianos has never been this hilarious, and also not this easy to relate to in visual media. It is never too silly, there is a wackiness that never loses its energy and the sly wit is here, some of the material may not be new as such but how it's executed actually doesn't feel too familiar and it doesn't get repetitive. A lot happens yet it doesn't ever feel rushed or over-stuffed. The ending is a sheer delight and 'The Music Box' basically me with tears in my eyes from laughing so much by the end of it.

Laurel and Hardy are on top form here, both are well used, both have material worthy of them and they're equal rather than one being funnier than the other (before Laurel tended to be funnier and more interesting than Hardy, who tended to be underused). Their chemistry feels like a partnership here too, before 'Two Tars' you were yearning for more scenes with them together but in 'The Music Box' and on the most part from 'Two Tars' onwards we are far from robbed of that. Their comic timing is impeccable.

'The Music Box' looks good visually, is full of energy and the direction gets the best out of the stars, is at ease with the material and doesn't let it get too busy or static. The supporting players are solid, Billy Gilbert being the standout, but it's Laurel and Hardy who take the honours here.

Altogether, brilliant and definitely one of my favourites from the duo. 10/10 Bethany Cox

Reviewed by MartinHafer9 / 10

Oscar winning short from Laurel and Hardy

While this was the only Laurel and Hardy film that received an Oscar (Best Short Subject),it isn't my very favorite film--though it still is a lot of fun. Stan and Ollie are Piano delivery men who traverse a set of steps from Hell (there must be at least 150 steps). Again and again and again they slip and fall and drop the Music Box (a player piano). It's all very painful yet fun to watch. However, I can't consider this their very best short because it does become just a bit repetitive--but this is easily forgiven. And, the ultimate conclusion to story is ironic fun.

FYI--these exact same steps were later used in a 3 Stooges short where they are ice delivery men (An Ache in Every Stake). While not bad for the Stooges, it's a far cry from THE MUSIC BOX.

Reviewed by bkoganbing9 / 10

The Old Piano Roll Blues

The Music Box finds Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy hired as a pair of deliverymen trying to get a piano delivered to a house as a present. As usual the boys keep doing it the hard way.

I don't think I've ever seen the both of them this dumb in a film before. With Stan it's usually no stretch, but Ollie too seems more mentally challenged than usual.

Best moment for me in a short subject just filled with them is when after they've hauled the piano up a long flight of outdoor stairs, they're told by the postman that they could have just driven around the corner for their efforts. What do they do, take it down the stairs and proceed to follow directions. Seems perfectly logical.

Another great comedian Billy Gilbert is in this short subject and the boys have a confrontation with the choleric Gilbert on one of their trips up. Then it turns out it's to his house the piano is meant for. Though Gilbert doesn't go into his famous sneezing routine, his choleric reactions to Stan and Ollie give them a run for scene stealing in their own short.

The Music Box won an Oscar for Hal Roach as the Best Short Subject. It's definitely a must for Stan and Ollie's legion of fans.

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