The Music Box


Action / Horror / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Woodyanders7 / 10

Pretty good little slow burner

After little girl Sophie (a sturdy and appealing portrayal by the adorable Cearl Pepper) loses both of her parents, she winds up moving into an old Victorian home along with her estranged aunt Annabelle (a fine and credible performance by Rachel Daigh). Things go awry when Sophie discovers an old music box that unleashes the malevolent ghost of a murdered little girl (a genuinely creepy turn by Melissa Leone).

Director John Real relates the familiar, but still involving story at a gradual pace, takes time to develop the main characters of Sophie and Annabelle, and adroitly crafts a spooky and unsettling atmosphere. While Daigh and Pepper do praiseworthy work in their roles, the supporting cast is a decidedly mixed bag: Fiona Whilelaw lends sound support as helpful psychic Mrs. Nills and Antonella Salvucci ain't half bad as sweet librarian Eva, but alas Antonio Lujak is hopelessly wooden as concerned child psychologist Loris. Fortunately the bond that slowly, but surely grows between Sophie and Annabelle gives this movie some extra depth and poignancy. However, the ending comes across as a bit flat and rushed. Overall nothing really special, but still a perfectly acceptable time-killer just the same.

Reviewed by wandernn1-81-6832743 / 10

Not much here.

I realized I'd watched like half the movie without even having an inkling of what was going on. And not caring. I was thinking about dinner and I needed to go bait shopping. And I was almost out of rum. Pretty much anything but the movie. It just wasn't grabbing or entertaining . I did not care what was going on with the 'Carillon' ? Which I kept thinking they are concerned over a 'carry on' ?

Was not scary. Was not good

Just Blah.

-2 Stars for just being blah.

Reviewed by carlign8 / 10

Best indipendent horror!!!

It's so good! Really scared me and my friends. I love Rachel Daigh!

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