The Marriage Escape

2020 [DUTCH]

Comedy / Drama

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by victordelavieter9 / 10

a little gem

At a funeral, a senior veterinarian falls into a crisis after he realises his life is run by his wife, just like that of his deceased father-in-law. Slowly he begins a rebellion, faking memory loss. Seasoned comedian, actor an musician Herman Finkers actsout this descent into absurdity out with his trademark deadpan delvivery, resembling Bill Nighy. Excellent acting by female lead, internationally know Johanne ter Steege and many others, excellent balance between absurd intermezzos and dram,a excellent buildup to apotheoses in in German wood, at a police station... This is not one of those loud, 'look at me I'm acting' comedies Dutch film is sadly known for. This is, in the skillfull hands of veteren filmmaker Johan Nijenhuis, a mature movie about real people, asking serious questions, and in Finkers's many wonderful oneliners, giving answers too.

Reviewed by ph-nijman9 / 10

A small but delightfull movie

One of those movies that will stay with you for a long time. Recognizable situations with recognizable people. The actors are good and the knowing smile in the end tells the whole story.

Reviewed by e-cornelisse10 / 10

Joyful surprise !

One of the best Dutch movies of the past years. Spoken dialect is the finishing touch of a well written and well played story. Good choice of cast. I had a smile on my face for the entire movie. Literally and as a matter of speaking a breath of fresh air. This movie has merit ("heeft zin" in Dutch).

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