Open Marriage


Action / Drama / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lavatch7 / 10

"A Whole New Glorious World"

Mindy and Max, Becca and Ron are all playing with fire when they agree to "open" their marriages. They set rules and boundaries, then break them. The next step is to try to cover their tracks with lies. But, nature abhors a vacuum, and the truth eventually comes back to bite them all.

The filmmakers developed good dramatic tension in this lurid drama that begins with the wife-swapping experiment described as opening up "a whole new glorious world." But each member of the cheating quartet will be in for a big surprise.

The suspense builds in trying to understand who is disrupting the lives of the spirited foursome. When Becca starts receiving flowers and a creepy baby carriage from an unknown "admirer," it is unclear who is the mystery man...or woman!

My favorite character in the film was Vulnavia, the proprietress of the Caligula underground bar. Password: Kumquat! It was Vulnavia who witnessed the comings and goings of the foursome and had to know who was the lynchpin engaged in dastardly deeds. Another good secondary character was the faithful Dylan, who provided good support to Becca in her work at the hospital.

Of the foursome, the most intriguing character was Becca, a mysterious and deceitful woman, who held her husband Ron to standards she herself could not meet. She was apoplectic when Ron failed to instantly tell her that he was shooting blanks during their desperate attempt at pregnancy. Yet she withheld from him the news that she was pregnant. She was furious at Ron for going back to the Caligula club, yet she did the same in a furtive meeting with Max.

The film's denouement offered such a smarmy resolution that it belied the truth about a shallow set of characters, whose values will probably be passed on to their beautiful new baby.

Reviewed by mja585 / 10

Saw it a couple of times.....still comes across as a "G" rated gay porno.

I saw this a couple of times and every time I see it comes across as an attempt at gay porno, with women mixed in for interest.

The two male leads appearing shirtless or in stick-to-skin underwear throughout most of the movie was a bit gratuitous. Their bodies should have been given screen credit for this.

The nurse character's gay friend at the hospital was such a RAGING QUEEN that every gay man who sees this should feel INSULTED.

This is the only movie I have seen where women and men are clothed when engaging in sex. I Think in some scenes the women PUT on clothes?

Club Caligula just creeped me out.

The ending was a bit over the top - poor Tilky Jones.

If you are a gay man and watch this, you'll enjoy the scenery - but remember who they are stereotyping.....


Reviewed by edwagreen4 / 10


Way over the top film where a struggling couple agree to open their marriage with them participating in sex with his best friend and the friend's wife swapping each other.

As one can realize, things get quickly out of hand and lust and acts of disgust prevail throughout the film. Our original couple seem to be stalked and lives are ruined by this mysterious person.

Go know at the end that the friend's wife had lesbian tendencies, affection for the other woman and that she was creating all the havoc around.

Tying her husband up at the bed scene and threatening all with a gun by film's end is a little too much to bear.

The film is a perfect example of lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil.

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