The Love Letter


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Julianne Nicholson as Jennifer
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Kate Capshaw as Helen
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Tom Selleck as George Matthias
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by A-Ron-27 / 10

I am surprised this many people have actually seen this film

Aside from the fact that this movie was filmed mostly in Rockport MA, which is a beautiful town where my mother once rented a small storefront and I spent many a pleasant summer as a child, it is fun and cute little film.

I must admit that I had no desire to actually see this movie even though I have a weakspot for romantic comedies (I don't know why). The trailers I saw were not appealing, the cast did not look that interesting and I had no idea what the plot would be about. In the end I found it to be an interesting meditation on relationships and family. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and must admit that I thought that this film was one of the most overlooked gems of last year. I am disappointed that so few people seemed to have enjoyed the very "human-ness" that this movie presented the viewer with.

I have read many bad reviews of this film, and must admit a certain level of shock at the cynicism that is prevalent in them. As a grad student I consider myself to be quite cynical, but this was a beautiful little film that deserves much better than it got.

Reviewed by inkblot117 / 10

Let us be clear, The Love Letter is a delightful film

Helen (Kate Capshaw) owns a bookstore in the sleepy, coastal town of Loblolly by the Sea. Divorced, Helen has a young daughter who is going to camp for the summer, giving mother a bit more freedom. Working at Helen's store are the manager, Janet (Ellen DeGeneres),a man-crazy village-gossip girl who has eyes for the handsome fireman, George (Tom Selleck),and two young college students, Jennifer (Julianne Nicholson) and Johnny (Tom Everett Scott). One day, Helen stumbles across a romantic, tender love letter and she suspects that Johnny has written it for her. Throwing caution to the wind, Helen and Johnny begin a small-time "thing". But, the letter subsequently lands in others' hands, including Janet's, who thinks George has sent it to her, and Johnny's, who imagines Helen has penned it for him. And, on and on the letter goes. But, in truth, George possibly has eyes for Helen and Jennifer has fallen hard for Johnny. The town's museum curator, too, may have a secret love. Will tangled affairs like these ever straighten themselves out? This is a cute movie with a gorgeous setting and capable stars. Each of the main actors gives a pleasing performance, including the addition of Blythe Danner and Gloria Stuart to those mentioned previously. Then, too, the coastal scenery is most lovely, the costumes quite well-chosen, and the photography very nice indeed. There are a few surprises, including a subtle gay plot development, which may not please all viewers. But, for those who love romantic comedies, this one should be included on any list of good choices for the genre.

Reviewed by jotix1006 / 10

Sincerely yours,

We avoided watching this movie when it was released commercially, even though we had read Cathleen Schine's novel in which this movie is based on. Director Peter Chan's take on the story looks good on the screen; what with the picturesque setting of Rockford, Ma., as the background and all the cute houses where the story takes place. The result is a film that is easy on the eye, but alas, like eating a Chinese dinner, it leaves us hungry for more.

Helen, the owner of a book store, finds a letter between the cushions of the couch of the shop. She reads it, and it sounds intriguing, because the writer goes to express how deeply he feels for the person the letter has been sent to. Since it has no name, Helen assumes it has been intended for her alone. She believes Johnny, the young assistant, has sent it to her. The young man, who likes the older Helen, is only too happy to tell her how he feels about her.

Basically, "The Love Letter" is a story about missed opportunities. Helen who was in love with George, the local chief firefighter, married someone else, but her marriage failed. George also is getting a divorce. George confesses he had gone away to New York when he was younger to get away from Helen and his life in town and he had also sent her a postcard from New York, which Helen had kept, but had not read the message inserted within the card. It's at this moment when Helen comes to her senses when she realizes her affair with Johnny is only a summer fling.

The film will be liked by the audience for which it was targeted. Kate Capshaw, who produced the movie, is fine as Helen. Tom Everett Scott plays Johnny. Blythe Danner, Geraldine McEwen, Julianne Nicholson, Tom Selleck, Ellen DeGeneres, and the rest of the cast do good work also.

The film has an ironic twist at the end when the real recipient of this letter is revealed.

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