The Long Riders


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Dennis Quaid Photo
Dennis Quaid as Ed Miller
Robert Carradine Photo
Robert Carradine as Bob Younger
Christopher Guest Photo
Christopher Guest as Charlie Ford
Keith Carradine Photo
Keith Carradine as Jim Younger
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle6 / 10

a family affair

This is a sympathetic portrayal of the bank robbers James-Younger gang made up of James brothers and Younger brothers. They are honorable reasonable superior men robbing banks and claiming southern pride. They kill only if they have no other choice and they kick out members who are reckless. So this is definitely more myth than reality. It's southern folklore.

The most interesting part of this movie is real life brothers portraying the brother characters. David, Keith, Robert Carradine portray the Younger brothers. James and Stacy Keach portray the James brothers. And Dennis and Randy Quaid portray the Miller brothers. The many characters can be quite confounding especially since many of them have similar mannerism. There is a great final battle which made up for a rather meandering storyline.

Reviewed by claudio_carvalho7 / 10

A Very Different Western

In the Missouri, after the civil war, the James & Younger gang steals banks and trains, and are chased by the Pinkertons. This movie is a very different western, showing the outlaws as human beings, having families, raising children. Walter Hill uses the Carredine, Quaid and Keach brothers in real life to perform the former bandits and it is a great attraction in this film. The music, arranged and composed by Ry Cooder, fits perfectly to the story. However, the characters are not well developed, maybe because of the quantity of lead actors versus the running time, and the story loses the explanation of the motives for the behavior of the bandits, being cruel while robbing and very close to their families, being good sons, husbands and friends. Anyway, the performance of the cast is excellent and the movie does not disappoint. My vote is seven.

Title ('Brazil'): 'Cavalgada dos Proscritos' (Ride of the Proscribes')

Reviewed by bkoganbing7 / 10

The siblings film

1980 brought us yet another telling of the tale of the James brothers and their outlaw exploits. The attention getting gimmick that this film has is the casting of real life brothers in the various roles.

The Carradines play the Younger brothers, the Quaids play the Millers, the Guests play the Fords and starring are Stacy and James Keach as Frank and Jesse James. With some license the film does stick close to the facts though somewhat out of order.

James Keach takes an honored place besides such folks as Tyrone Power, Audie Murphy, Robert Wagner and in the future Rob Lowe would essay the part of Jesse James. Keach compartmentalizes his life well with being a strict family man when not working and one mean outlaw when he is. The film also shows how easily things can go wrong with the best laid plans and Jesse was a planner.

The climax is the Great Northfield, Minnesota bank robbery disaster which went so wrong. A miracle that Jesse didn't lose more of his men that day. The incident was depicted in one of those violence ballets that Sam Peckinpah did so well. Wouldn't be surprised if Peckinpah wasn't considered to be director.

My favorite is David Carradine as Cole Younger and he has the best moment in the film in a fight with Sam Starr played by James Remar for Belle Starr played with flourish by Pamela Reed. The weapon of choice is Bowie knives. This duel has a surprise ending.

The Long Riders is one fine western and highly recommend.

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