Spirit Riders


Action / Family

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled50%
IMDb Rating4.610291


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by taylornan8 / 10

slow at first but gets better

If you can get thru the first 45 minutes then this movie picks up and tells a great story.

Reviewed by Bobby Sargent9 / 10

Great family film! Great message for children and young adults.

This is one of the best family films I've seen in years. It deals with choices children,teenagers and young adults have to make in life. The story and locations bring some other sensitive issues into play that many children and young adults have not had an opportunity to consider in their lives yet. The characters were interesting and the performance by Lance Henriksen brought to the screen represented a very touching and sensitive character with the wisdom that years bring. The messages were subtle but strong and dealt with visually and by example instead of some of the in-your-face preaching that children and young adults are constantly pounded by.

What a great DVD to share with the family and the kids will enjoy it as the life's lessons will be delivered every time they watch it. The company that made this is EDGEN films. I will be looking for more of their productions.

Reviewed by thenekassyni4 / 10

Bad acting here and there

This movie is OK for kids and maybe some teenagers but I would not recommend it for the mass. The camera work and scene editing is amateurish. Some of the transitions and scenes make me cringe and this goes on throughout the movie.

The acting all around is quite bad. The lead actress Alexandria needs more work. The exception is Mr. Henriksen.

The script is good for the most part just but without good acting and screenplay it's not going anywhere. Some parts are acted out horribly, especially by Alexandria *cringed*

This movie is a slight step up from your sci-fi channel TV movies like Sharknado...maybe.

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