The Little Death


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Reno-Rangan9 / 10

Enlightenment from the strange desires.

I don't know where to begin, this movie was unexpected. It was a multi layered tale, somewhat all characters were connected, but all the story centers around the same theme and that is sexual fantasies. What happens when mismatch in desire get together for life. Counselling is the part of recovery nowadays, but everything lies in the effort that put on the practical side. So this movie takes such a wonderful journey with one less than half a dozen of pairs rides towards seeking solutions and answers for their wish. But the thing is, like the most of the movie's punchline say 'how far would you go for it?' is the movie that reveals to us.

It was a brilliantly written for the screen and so the actors, who did their parts impeccably. The narration was so distinct in each tale and also had very good twists before the wrap up. It was a better movie than most of the sex comedies that we got fooled for its promotions. I won't surprise if Hollywood or other film industry remake it. Why do we need to read 'Kama Sutra' while this movie is out there. Definitely there won't be a better movie for adults to enjoy whole heartily, especially not recently as I'm aware. Finally, without minors around, but for ourself to have a great time. Don't think it is a build-up because it delivers a good entertainment with lots of 'laugh out lauds'.

''Also, I'm required by federal law to inform you that I am a convicted sex offender.''

Honest, brave, funny, lust, awkward, the story adds up in a variety of things except there is no true spice like really spicy. Because its want to tickle you than taking up everything seriously. That's why the movie clicked very well, even though the story leaps were very tight because of the many layers to cover. All the five tales ends in (around) three random displays of the acts. The first one for the intro, then where the problem arises and ends with the solutions and twists.

I would love to have part 2, not the follow up because I want new sex related words from its dictionary with freshened pairs. The 'phone sex' part was everyone's favourite. Its the talk of the movie related blog, reviews, database, IRC and apps, and I as well loved it. That does not mean other characters and stories are weaker than this one. The 'rape', 'role play' and others are all so good too. Different viewers enjoy different type, that is according to close to their sex fantasies from one of these, I believe. So are you ready for 'the little death'?.

Reviewed by MartinHafer7 / 10

Good but highly uneven...

"The Little Death" is a strange film about sexual fantasies...the sorts of fantasies most people in this movie have great difficulty discussing with their partners. If couples saw this film together, perhaps it would be a great way to get them to open up and discuss their darker or stranger "The Little Death" might be great to share with someone you love. However, I have a few caveats...mostly because the film never is exactly a comedy nor a dark and disturbing's both. So, for every wonderful and interesting story, there is another that is far more difficult and problematic...and some of them are actually pretty violent and disturbing. I really wish the film had kept a slightly more positive and funny mood...especially at the end, where you have a wonderful segment involving a deaf man and his interpreter....and only moments later, two other people brutally die! The juxtaposition of the funny with the dark is not something I loved. Now having dark fantasies isn't the lady in the film does have a very common but dark's that the film is funny, tragic and sad all at the same I can imagine that instead of opening up a dialog or leading to a very passionate night, the film might just achieve the opposite because of the strange and ever-changing mood in the movie....too much so to make it a great film but still enjoyable enough that you might enjoy the story overall despite its flaws.

By the way, if you normally use closed captions, you might want to turn them off in the final segment involving the sign language interpreter. This is because the film's open captions and the closed captions added later get transposed and you see words to the song being played and not the interpretation of the conversation in Australian sign language. I mention Australian, because I am reasonably fluent in American sign language but cannot fully comprehend what they are saying and needed these captions...especially since Australian 'dirty' signs (signs for sex) are often not the same as the American ones!

Reviewed by kosmasp9 / 10

How do you like me now?

What is normal? I reckon there are a few things that we consider normal and most will agree, but if some of the facts/stats are correct in this, than you might be scratching your head too (one of them being a "common" female fantasy, that is just too much - at least for me). But that's what the movie does: It's not a safe or comfort place, where you can just sit down and feel good. It's not your average (read "normal") romantic comedy either.

Some will argue the romantic part, especially considering the topic this has, but if you dig the humor you can't argue the comedy part. You might not find everything funny (like the subplot of a sex offender, though I felt that was very well handled, expectations and all),but the movie not only tries but succeeds in opening up ones mind. Not to everything, but if someone has a fetish they actually do have it and it's not a lukewarm excuse to make any shades grayer than they actually are ... Yes this actually hits the spot (sorry for the pun),instead of tip toeing around it, like that novel/film adaptation did!

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