Grey Gardens


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Drew Barrymore Photo
Drew Barrymore as Little Edie
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Jeanne Tripplehorn as Jackie O.
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Jessica Lange as Big Edie
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Arye Gross as Albert Maysles
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by blanche-28 / 10

From documentary to film

Well, you can't go wrong using Big and Little Edie as subject matter, be it in a documentary, a movie, or a musical. This beautifully photographed and opulent "Grey Gardens," starring Jessica Lange and Drew Barrymore as Big and Little Edie, again demonstrates what compelling people they were.

Not having seen any documentary yet, or the musical, which had some powerful emotions expressed in the music ("Another Winter in a Summer Town" as an example),I can only go by this particular "Grey Gardens." The story of the Beales is sad, harrowing, frustrating, and sometimes funny. Both women are magnificent in their roles, particularly Lange, though my understanding is that the real Big Edie was a much better singer than shown here. Barrymore makes a stunning young Edie, living in New York and trying to make it as an actress and captures the mature woman - it's quite a stretch, too.

What's missing here is exactly what happened to these two beautiful and wealthy women, and I'm not sure it's covered in any other material about them. Why didn't Big Edie remarry? Why didn't Edie "The Body Beautiful" Beale get a rich husband? Why did the other children allow them to live the way they did? Was Little Edie untalented, or could she have had success as an actress? Were they always mentally unstable or eccentric or make each other that way? I don't know after watching "Grey Gardens," though I'm sure Lange and Barrymore made some decisions about those things in order to play their roles.

The nice thing about "Grey Gardens," for me, anyway, is that Little Edie finally got what she wanted in life - fame (well, notoriety),the ability to perform, money, and a warm place to live. I'm happy about that for her. I just wish I knew more about the psychology that led up to all of it.

Reviewed by lastliberal8 / 10

If you're stuck Edie, it's only with yourself.

Taking the magnificent 1975 documentary and turning it into a dram is a big risk - and I really feel that it payed off.

What was really great was the back-story that you didn't get in the documentary. Ken Howard (Michael Clayton, "Crossing Jordan") played Big Edie's husband, Malcolm Gets ("Caroline in the City") played George "Gould" Strong, and Daniel Baldwin was Julius Krug, all important characters in the 1936 portion of the film.

Drew Barrymore was absolutely magnificent as "Little" Edie, and Jessica Lange was amazing as "Big" Edie. The passive-aggressive attitude displayed made for some super entertainment. The co-dependency made for some outstanding drama. They were an endearing couple.

Things were really in a disgusting state with cats and raccoons all over the place when Jackie Kennedy Onassis (Jeanne Tripplehorn) shows up after numerous stories made the papers outlining the fact that the women were broke.

They were so far gone that they couldn't see how badly they looked in the documentary made about them. Eddie still thought she was destined to be a star.

If Drew Barrymore doesn't get a Golden Globe for this, something is very wrong.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird10 / 10


Grey Gardens is simply beautiful and deeply moving. The cinematography and scenery are colourful and lush, the soundtrack is lilting without feeling overbearing, the story is paced accordingly and makes me ache with emotion thinking about it and the script is a healthy balance of poignancy while never becoming too maudlin. Grey Gardens is directed with efficiency and the two lead characters are written so well that it is easy for me to empathise with them. I like Drew Barrymore, but I have not seen her this good in a long time, I'd go as far to say this is her best work. She has a perfect match in Jessica Lange who is mesmerising and the two have great chemistry between them. Overall, beautiful. 10/10 Bethany Cox

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