The Legend of Muay Thai: 9 Satra

2018 [THAI]

Action / Adventure / Animation / Family / Fantasy

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SLEEPMAN20014 / 10


Just watch on Netflix today, this movie has great characters design and great visual but when comes into action & plot, the plot is too boring and play safe like normal animation you can see in many of Japanese TV anime. Action scenes in this movie is also full of slowmotion and overused special effects. This movie is great for kids but definitely not for general audience.

Reviewed by tonyfarg5 / 10

genuinely good...

1.the picture:- whats bad: the animation is not smooth at all feels like watching on 10 fps. The people feels like plastic whats good: so highly detailed and the landscapes are beautiful. The effects are so cool like fire lighting shades etc... 2.the story: lets just say it's average and so predictable. No plot twists at all except for 2 and still not shocking or good just meh last thing which is bad: the voice acting is not fitting the characters well and it's just so bad imo.

Overall it worth watching if ur bored and also it could have been a really great movie if they put just a little bit extra effort for the story, voice acting, and animations.

Reviewed by crlewis09259 / 10

A different spin for Muay Thai

I watched it sometime ago, so I don't have details to analyze but overall I found it to be very entertaining. Story is... nice, graphics were good. Voice acting...can't really say (hehe). But in all, a very good movie!

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