The Last Laugh


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Andie MacDowell Photo
Andie MacDowell as Doris Lovejoy
Chevy Chase Photo
Chevy Chase as Al Hart
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Richard Dreyfuss as Buddy Green
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Kate Micucci as Jeannie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kosmasp7 / 10

Up to (no good?)

If you were wondering, what is Richard Dreyfuss up to? Well here's the answer. And it's nice to see him once again. And whatever your feelings are towards Netflix, you have to acknowledge that they do try and push and help artists fulfill their projects. So him paired up with Chevy Chase is really quite something. Add a few other actors of that generation but also a few younger ones for good measure and you get a decent comedy.

Actually the ending is quite something and may be able to get you going emotional. I know I did and it really achieved something. It is never too late for certain things and your goals are always something worth seeking out ... Sentimental? Yes. Great actors? Also yes - now it only depends on your personal taste ...

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen7 / 10

Great comedy full of grey gold...

Now, when you sit down to watch a movie with the likes of Chevy Chase and Richard Dreyfuss in the lead roles, then you know you will be in for a treat. And even with their age now, they still manage to entertain phenomenally and prove that some actors are like wine; getting better with age.

The storyline and plot in "The Last Laugh" was actually very enjoyable and it was really fitting for both Chevy Chase and Richard Dreyfuss to portray the characters in the movie, because they were so well-cast for the roles of Al Hart and Buddy Green.

There is a good amount of laughs throughout the movie, not that you'll be in cramps and have tears streaking down your cheeks, but the comedy is good and it is so well delivered by Chevy Chase and Richard Dreyfuss.

The characters in the movie were nicely portrayed and had lots of personalities, so it was characters that you quickly and easily relate to and take a liking to. It was also nice to see Andie MacDowell in the movie, and she definitely spiced up the movie with her performance.

I watched this solely because of Chevy Chase, but I must say that Richard Dreyfuss really surprised me with his performance in this movie, and he had such great chemistry with Chevy Chase on the screen.

"The Last Laugh" is the kind of feel-good and warm-hearted comedy that will sink right in and make you feel good. This is definitely a movie well worth taking the time to sit down and watch.

Reviewed by ksf-28 / 10

C.Chase and R. Dreyfuss

Two of my personal favorites! Chevy Chase and Richard Dreyfuss. Apropos of their age now, Buddy (Dreyfuss) lives in a retirement home, and shows Al (Chase) around the place. Co-stars other comedians... George Wallace, Lewis Black, and the amazing Andie MacDowell. And the other residents at the home keep dying. So Al talks Buddy into taking a road trip! Buddy does a few minutes of his old standup act on stage... a little awkward. Stop-off in TJ. That doesn't go well either. Another standup gig. And they both keep falling asleep. Because they are OLD. Just not ready to admit it yet. It goes pretty much as expected. How DO we measure success? Richard Dreyfuss was so great in Close Encounters, Down and Out in Beverly Hills; Chevy Chase was awesome in so many things... Caddyshack, Seems Like Old Times, Spies Like Us.. the list goes ON! Written and directed by Greg Pritikin. The story itself is so-so, but watching Dreyfuss and Chase again is great fun.

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