A Wrestling Christmas Miracle


Action / Comedy / Drama / Family / Sport

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Martin Kove as Warden Jeffries
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Todd Bridges as Prosecutor Denuyl
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Jimmie Walker as Dr. Lemon
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by shawn-boucke1 / 10

Offensive to the senses

Anyone can see those who made the movie are trying to inflate the rating with 10/10. This is insulting in the first few minutes towards those with autism, the blind and the hard of hearing. As the movie goes on it becomes increasingly raciest, and a collection of ignorant voices/accents.

This movie makes me physically ill. It's not funny, it's not heartwarming, it's nothing but uncomfortable. If you want a movie that's so bad it's good... avoid this. It's just bad. Very very bad.

Reviewed by statmanjeff1 / 10

An Idiot's Tale

So bad it might be good. Straightaway reminiscent of "Melos: The Hands of Fate" in terms of production quality, storytelling, acting, et cetera. Fully expect this to appear on MST3K (if they're still around). The only legitimate wrestling appears in the opening montage, showing that the boy has wrestling talent. Elsewhere this is pure dreck, full of idiot characters along with a small smattering of Big Time wrestling.

Not enough thought has gone into the script. For example: one scene displays wordplay on "bear" versus "bare," as in "the cupboard is bare" versus "a bear in the woods." No one considers that someone might be "bare" in the woods, or that there could be a "bear" hiding in a cupboard. Nor does this extend to anyone needing some "Bayer" aspirin for a possible headache, in which there might be some "Bayer" in a medicine cabinet.

Reviewed by davidnw-828601 / 10

Horrible movie

What a waste of tine. Bad writing. Bad Acting, bad directing, and bad editing. Makes me feel sorry for all the bad has been actors in it.

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