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Terry Stone as Waldorf
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Emily Wyatt as Dina
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Rachel Warren as Rachel
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Reviewed by hgliming10 / 10

A Absolute Thrill Ride From Start To Finish

I have to be honest the trailer didn't really sell it to me but I purchased the Film off PRIME VIDEO and was completely amazed by it all with a cast seen previously in RISE OF THE FOOTSOLDIER: ORIGINS this is completely not related to those films at all in fact as a stand-alone film this was just completely mind blowing from start to finish, great cast, great performances, gripping story telling definitely makes a great British indie film and THE LAST HEIST is a must watch not just for FOOTSOLDIER FANS but for any action thriller fan.

THE LAST HEIST is available to stream now on all Digital Platforms In The UK.

Reviewed by smallsd-962972 / 10

Paying for this felt like daylight robbery

I dunno know where to start if I'm honest.

One positive: there's some good acting from Terry Stone and Perry Benson, as always, but Sam Gittins and Daniel O'Reily (Dapper Laughs) really carry the whole thing. If it weren't for Dapper, I'd've turned this off after 10mins. I was surprised at what a great comedy actor he is and there's some real laugh out loud moments, which is quite incredible, considering how shocking bad the script is. All other acting is wooden, disconnected and inauthentic. GCSE drama springs to mind.

But yeah, the script is by far the worst thing about this film. There are so many swear words, it stops being funny and becomes embarrassing. The narrative is difficult to follow at times because there is so much waffle and extraneous information. It's also not clear what era we're in. The attitudes of the men towards women and the existence of East End gangsters indicates it should be 70s, but they wear Trump masks for the robbery... so, this is supposed to be modern day? Weird.

They've also publicised this film as being based on real people, but we don't know who these people are so lord knows why that's relevant. Either way, none of the characters are endearing or admirable. I'm not sure if I was supposed to like these people, be impressed by them, feel sorry for them or loathe them but I'm leaning towards the latter.

Basically, it feels like a load of geezers with some pocket money romanticised what they wish their lives were like if they were hard nut gangsters and this is the result. Don't waste your time or money on it.

Reviewed by wjjmddpjc10 / 10

The Last Heist - Brilliant Film with an equally brilliant cast

This film got me hooked from the beginning , the characters are relateable and we all know someone represented by them be it a relative , friend or someone in our community !The fantastic mix of emotions is also what I loved about this film I laughed and cried in equal measures , the unlikely friendships all bound by one secret . The amount of comedy is just right and this was one of my favourite parts of the film The old Skool gangsta film but with a twist at the end , and the end of this film in my opinion is what makes this film stand out from the rest ! You won't see it coming and it'll take you by surprise ! Brilliant British Film and I can't recommend it enough !

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