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Reviewed by SnoopyStyle7 / 10

all about Ryan Reynolds

Three friends Kevin (Ryan Reynolds),Sam (Kristin Booth) and Rob (Joris Jarsky) play a game they call Foolproof. They plan out every details of a heist without actually doing it. Then somebody actually executed their latest plan. And on top of that, they are blackmailed by the real thief Leo 'The Touch' Gillette (David Suchet).

This is a Canadian production trying to play in the big leagues. The biggest problem may have been a lack of A-list talent. Ryan Reynolds is definitely the big star here. Kristin Booth is cute and sassy but she's certainly not a big name. Then there is the writer/director William Phillips. His only previous credits are nothing more than indies. So it's no surprise that this felt more like a B-movie with a bit of money to spend. It's still quite watchable with Ryan having a bit of fun.

Reviewed by blanche-27 / 10

when the game becomes real

Ryan Reynolds, Kristin Booth, Joris Jarsky, Sean Sullivan, and David Suchet star in "Foolproof," a 2003 Canadian film.

Reynolds, Booth, and Jarsky play Kevin, Sam, and Rob, who live in Toronto and play a game called Foolproof. They plan robberies. They don't actually steal anything, but it's important to them that the plans are "foolproof" and they actually do try them out. However, they never have loaded guns, there is no violence.

When plans for a jewelery warehouse are stolen when Sam is robbed, they panic. Then the warehouse is actually broken into, and they find out the culprit is Leo Gillette (Suchet),a known thief who has never been caught.

Leo is rich, he's smooth, and he's determined. The three kids can easily be arrested for the warehouse heist - after all, didn't they have the plans? So what Leo wants in exchange for the plans is for the group to actually rob $20 million in bearer bonds.

This is a very engaging film, with young actors who seem to have a lot of chemistry with one another; one truly believes they are friends as they laugh, yell at one another, bicker, and tease. David Suchet is immaculate as Leo, calm and deadly, but this group is something he hadn't quite bargained for.

"Foolproof" is enjoyable, suspenseful, and moves quickly. Highly recommended. You'll be surprised - it's a small movie, but it pays some big dividends.

Reviewed by Gatecrasherfilms7 / 10

Pleasantly Surprised

I rented this video on a whim as I enjoy heist flicks, but went in expecting really grade B material. I ended up thoroughly enjoying this film! Ryan Reynolds and the cast were funny without overdoing it and worked well together. The film wasn't burdened with cheesy dialogue, hokey special effects and the such. Throughout it maintained a smart approach toward keeping the characters in the forefront. Yes, the heist sequences were detailed and decent in their own right and is on par with that of Entrapment but maybe even better: cool to watch without it being way, way over the top. But we never lose sight of the three central characters. It's finding these small niche gems that make watching films an adventure.

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